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Braces and oral care

Caring for Your Braces

The thought of braces may make you cringe, but in the long run, your personalized oral treatment plan laid out by your Vancouver orthodontist is well worth it.  Whether you need braces for a few months or a few years, the end result is a glowing smile that you’ll want to share with everyone. So […]

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What Are Braces Made Of?

You love your teeth because they allow you to eat and look great. But you might need braces due to some problems with them. There are many materials that orthodontists use to make braces, and we will talk a little bit about them here. Stainless Steel Stainless steel is truly amazing when it comes to […]

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Volunteering Helps You Feel Better

This Monday not only celebrates the accomplishments of Martin Luther King, but also encourages service. Helping others will actually make you feel better. Studies show that when people donate to charity or serve others the portion of the brain that is responsible for feelings of reward are trigged. The brain actually releases chemicals which cause […]

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