Caring for Your Braces

Braces and oral careThe thought of braces may make you cringe, but in the long run, your personalized oral treatment plan laid out by your Vancouver orthodontist is well worth it.  Whether you need braces for a few months or a few years, the end result is a glowing smile that you’ll want to share with everyone.

So what is the best way to care for your braces?

Braces and Nutrition

Food and braces don’t always mix, but with a few tips, you’ll be able to enjoy all of your favorite meals and snacks.  The main issue is choosing foods that won’t break off your brackets or bend your wires.  This is easily done with simple modifications.  Our Vancouver orthodontist staff has a few helpful tips:

  1. Cut up crunchy foods. Apples, corn on the cob, raw vegetables, and basically anything you bite with your front teeth are best when sliced.  Cut kernels off the cob and slice apples and other crunchy foods.  Cutting up the food lets your molars do the work and you won’t risk breaking off a bracket.
  2. Modify taco night. You can opt for a soft shell taco rather than a hard shell or turn your taco into a taco salad.  Walking tacos work well, too, as an alternative.
  3. Substitute hard breads with soft ones. Sandwiches are a staple for most teens and an easy meal for adults on the go.  Avoid hard, crunchy hoagies and subs.  Instead use bread that is soft or turn your favorite sandwich into a delicious wrap.

Other foods that pose a problem for traditional metal braces are popcorn, corn nuts, hard candy and cookies, and ice.  The density of these items can break the brackets off of your teeth and damage the wires which help move your teeth.  The investment in your orthodontia care as well as your health make it a great time to watch what you eat.  This way, your teeth get the best care possible.  If metal braces aren’t for you, Invisalign® or ceramic braces may be a better option.  At our Vancouver orthodontist office, we will educate you on the different types of braces we offer so you’ll have all of the information you need to care for your smile.

Once you’ve taken care of the food, the next question is how do I clean my teeth if I wear braces?

Braces and Oral Care

Plaque and food love the brackets and wires that make up your braces.  In Vancouver, orthodontist Dr. Croft will work with you to develop an oral health care plan that will keep your teeth looking great.  Regular brushing of teeth twice a day may turn into brushing after every meal so that food is removed from the crevices in your braces.  Electric water flossers are often suggested as well.  They do an outstanding job of removing food particles from braces and are gentle enough not to cause damage.

Your teeth go through a pretty big change when you have braces; bones, teeth, and tissue are being moved into place via the pressure that braces provide.  A healthy diet aids in your treatment plan as the various nutrients and vitamins provide support to your body while your teeth undergo change. Vancouver orthodontist Dr. Croft and his staff can help you navigate a change in your diet and answer any questions you may have regarding what you should and should not eat while wearing braces.  In most cases, common sense and a healthy eating plan go a long way to encourage your new smile to take shape.  Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with our current events; we look forward to seeing your smile.