Don’t Hide That Smile This Holiday Season

Vancouver orthodontist-braces careMany people who wear braces tend to hide their smile.  Whether it is because they aren’t a fan of their brackets, or they are used to hiding their smile because of crooked teeth, our Vancouver orthodontist team says, “Let your smile shine!”  We have a number of Braces Services that we offer and are happy to discuss these to find an option best for you.  Braces are nothing to be embarrassed by.  In fact, wearing braces, in a way, tells people that you take pride in yourself and want to be the best you can be.  Your teeth will be straight in no time, and in the meantime, here are a few ways you can enhance your smile while the braces do their job.

Practice good oral health

You’ve heard it time and time again, but brushing and flossing, and regular dental examinations are truly essential to healthy teeth and gums.  If you wear braces, you’ll need to pay extra attention to your gums.  A water flosser or dental toothpicks keeps your gums healthy.  They also help remove food particles that tend to get caught in brackets and wires.

Keep your breath fresh

Fresh breath is important to your oral health, not to mention your social life.  With holiday festivities, you may find yourself in close proximity to friends and family members.  Take care to ensure your braces and teeth are free of food that may contribute to bad breath.  Schedule a dental cleaning or give our Vancouver orthodontist office a call to discuss care for your braces.  With proper cleaning, you won’t have to worry about bad breath, or halitosis, affecting your conversations.

Don’t hide your smile

You may not smile to your full potential because years of hiding your smile has become a habit.  It’s possible the braces are new to you and you’re not ready to show them off.  Whatever the reason, hiding your smile actually calls more attention to your mouth.  So, stand in front of a mirror and practice showing off your smile.  You’ve made the investment to improve yourself; don’t be afraid to share your progress.  A smile exudes confidence and provides a warm welcome to any party-goers you’re bound to run into.  More than likely, you’ll have guests sharing their own history with braces with you.


This year, as you get ready to attend your holiday parties, be assured that your Vancouver orthodontist, and you, have a treatment plan.  Be confident; that plan will soon result in a fantastic smile.  We love creating smiles and are happy to answer any questions you have regarding care for your braces and oral health.  We post on our Facebook page frequently in order to share up to date information and we are always a phone call away to discuss your needs.  Stop hiding behind your hands or scarf and get ready to enjoy the holidays with your bright, amazing smile.