The Timeline on Braces

Braces Vancouver orthodontistIn a perfect world, one would know the exact amount of time it will take for braces to correct your teeth.  Unfortunately, the world of orthodontia doesn’t really work that way.  However, what we can say is that our Vancouver orthodontist and staff does everything possible in order to make sure your smile is perfect.  Each one of us is unique with a unique mouth;  several factors affect our smile.  And, while genetics plays part of a role in oral health, so does the food you eat, the care you provide your teeth, and the way in which your permanent teeth emerge.  Every patient may have a different treatment plan, but they all have the same goal; a straighter smile. 


Get it Right

Speed is not a friend where orthodontia treatment is involved.  Braces take time to gently move teeth into their new position.  Those teeth need time to adjust to their new position so they won’t move again.  Braces manipulate the teeth through the increase and decrease of pressure placed upon them.  When you wear braces, you’ll visit our office regularly for quick appointments in which we tighten or loosen your wires.  This helps us guide your teeth in the direction we want.  ‘Slow but steady wins the race’ is a great moral when it comes to your teeth.


Case Studies

Our experience in providing great smiles means we’ve got thousands of cases that we’ve seen over the years that are similar to your case.  While each mouth is different, it is fairly common for us to know that one treatment plan may last 3 to 4 years, and another patient a few months.  The type of alignment treatment you use and the way in which you practice your own oral hygiene also play a role.  The better you take care of your teeth the faster the braces will come off.  If your treatment needs to be halted because a tooth needs extensive dental work, then your timeline gets extended.


Home Hygiene

As mentioned above, taking care of your own oral hygiene plays an important role in caring for your braces.  Braces aren’t as effective as they can be when gingivitis and tooth decay are affecting your health.  Talk with our Vancouver orthodontist about flossing suggestions so that you’re not at risk for gum disease.  Brush your teeth twice each day or more often in order to remove food that gets stuck in your brackets or behind your wires.  Reducing the amount of sugars on your teeth and good oral hygiene ensures you’ll stay on the right path towards a straight smile without the need of compromising your braces treatment.


We might not be able to tell you the exact length of time you’ll wear braces, but our Vancouver orthodontist can give you a general idea of your treatment plan.  Oral hygiene and the treatment plan set forth by our Vancouver orthodontist will keep your braces in good shape so that they’ll do their job as quickly as possible for your needs.  Follow our prescribed guidelines and recommendations and you’ll have a new smile faster than you can imagine.  Look for more braces topics on our Facebook page or call our office if you have any questions.