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The professionals at Columbia Orthodontics, PC provide your go-to Salmon Creek Orthodontics in WA. We, the experts in the field of orthodontics, cater to your unique situation. As an Orthodontist in Vancouver, we specialize in techniques that utilize both art and science with a people-centered orientation.

Salmon Creek Orthodontics in WA

Columbia Orthodontics, PC is committed to providing exceptional orthodontic care to patients in the Salmon Creek area. Dr. Croft, a third-generation orthodontist, leads the practice, which utilizes the latest techniques and technologies to deliver personalized treatment plans that achieve beautiful, healthy smiles.

The team at Columbia Orthodontics, PC takes a people-centered approach, working closely with each patient to understand their unique needs and goals. With a focus on both the art and science of orthodontics, the practice dedicates itself to being the most trusted orthodontic provider in the region. Patients can expect a warm, friendly atmosphere and a commitment to their comfort and satisfaction throughout the treatment process.

Columbia Orthodontics, PC considers it important to be the most trusted orthodontic practice around. Come by the office or call (360) 883-3800 today to schedule a free orthodontic consultation. Let Columbia Orthodontics, PC get you the smile you always wanted! Don’t forget to visit us on Facebook. Don’t forget to visit us on Facebook!

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14201 NE 20th Ave suite c-103,
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Tuesday: 8AM – 5PM
Thursday: 8AM – 5PM

Dr Robert Croft. Orthodontist in Salmon Creek, WA


Dr. Croft

The field of orthodontics is somewhat of a family business. Both my father and my grandfather were orthodontists, and I joined them in the health field.

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Based on 211 reviews
Robert Jones
03:42 10 Jul 24
Our family has just completed the third set of braces (2 teen, 1 adult) with Dr. Croft at Columbia Orthodontics. He and his staff are always very helpful, friendly, and accommodating. I would not hesitate to recommend to friends and family.
Emily Sand
15:00 08 Jul 24
Dr. Croft became my orthodontist in very early 2023. I’d done three years in braces in South FL before moving here and got them off October 2022, felt something wasn’t right while chewing and went to go see Dr. Croft.He told me “I’m sorry, but those teeth don’t look like they were in braces for almost three years.” It was a punch to the gut, but such a needed one. I found out then and there my last Ortho was a crook.Dr. Croft knew exactly what was needed and he kept me in the loop every step of the way with excruciating detail. He advised that I get two porcelain veneers on my two tiny lateral incisors, because he knows I want a perfect ten smile and knew he couldn’t achieve that simply due to my unique teeth.I got my braces off a few weeks ago and I am in love. The first time around I got them off and cried. This time is different. This man has a gift, and not only that, but he’s the sweetest, most gentle man and really wants to HELP.I’m so thrilled I went into his office that day. Thank you, Dr. Croft and thank you to his amazing team who always took great care of me. I’ll be adding an updated photo when I get my veneers placed on those two teeth.He said something to me a few times, “You’re such a fun patient because you’re always so grateful.” This is not something I’d expect such a veteran in this field to say. You’d expect someone to get jaded by it everyday and only care about the money, but that’s not him. He’s a class act.If you need braces as an adult, go here. If your kids need braces and have anxiety, go here. If you just want to find out what it would take to straighten your teeth and don’t know where to start, GO HERE! Can’t recommend enough.Also- the financing without a credit check helped me do this. I pay monthly and it has been a godsend.Thank you to Dr. Croft and his amazing office and staff!
05:04 08 Jul 24
I've trusted Columbia Orthodontics with my teeth since the beginning of my dental journey. And after several loyal years of dedication I'm proud to say they help me find my true smile. I'm not afraid to smile in pictures anymore.
21:05 25 Jun 24
Braces for the second time in my life nearly 50 years later. I finally have a functioning bite. Thanks CO for your skilled approach and wonderful patient experience!
Rodrigo Betancourt
01:49 12 Jun 24
I loved the way my teeth turned out,everybody was kind and I had a great time with them,they are very skilled,gentle and do a great job,I recommend you going here!-NB
Sydney Taylor
22:42 07 Jun 24
I loved getting my braces st Columbia Orthodontists. They are all so nice. I would highly recommend them.
Brooke Byers
15:37 31 May 24
I had recently interned at Columbia Orthodontics, they have the most amazing staff and are super sweet. The atmosphere here is so nice and calming:) I was very happy about this experience and I will always recommend Columbia Orthodontics.
kat massie
22:12 28 May 24
We have had AWESOME results and experiences with Dr Croft and team. I would highly recommend him! Thanks Dr Croft
Carol D
20:27 28 May 24
Dr Croft and his staff are kind, compassionate and friendly and my visits were always a positive experience. I highly recommend!
Amanda Meulton
20:32 11 May 24
Columbia orthodontics is fantastic. They are on time and the staff is just fantastic! Very patient and kind with my kiddos. aaannnnnddd their teeth look fantastic!
Troy Johns
19:35 03 May 24
Everybody was super nice and helpful. Dr. Croft did an amazing job straightening my teeth.
Dave Stein
16:37 02 May 24
Highly recommend! The entire staff is friendly and professional. Dr. Croft doesn't rush the process and gets it done right the first time.
Edwin Gaudi
21:19 27 Apr 24
We had a wonderful experience there, and the people are very respectful and kind.-Chase H
Jason Myers
22:29 15 Apr 24
Thanks for the great smile Dr. Croft. Both my boys had their braces done with you and we are very happy with the results.
Mrs Reilly
15:29 27 Mar 24
Great experience and Great staff. They are kind, caring and patient.
Erica Melton
17:43 11 Mar 24
Great service from start to finish. Awesome doctor and team! Thank you!
Teresa Person
22:57 08 Mar 24
Dr Croft and his team did an amazing job for both of my girls teeth. They both enjoyed their experience with their braces. They have beautiful smiles. Thank you!
alla golovko
18:56 08 Mar 24
Job done well, highly recommend.Nice team in the workplace
renatony 11
22:15 06 Mar 24
Got my braces here and there was no problems what so ever. People are nice. Perfect!
Lana Musa
20:55 01 Mar 24
I had a great experience here. Everyone was super kind and helpful!
Allyson Reynolds
01:54 01 Mar 24
We have been very happy with Columbia Orthodontics. Dr. Croft and staff are very friendly and knowledgeable about the treatment that was needed. We are very happy with the results my daughter received and we would definitely recommend them.
Letty Arceo
19:29 25 Feb 24
My experience with Columbia Orthodontics was fantastic! Dr. Croft and his amazing staff provided excellent and quality care during my braces treatment. The entire process was handled with attention to detail which I highly appreciated. I also really enjoyed participating in the token collection, it added a fun aspect!Thank you to Dr. Croft and his staff!
05:34 10 Feb 24
Absolutely love Dr Croft! He is compassionate, honest, very knowledgeable and a perfectionist. Those are the most important attributes when choosing an orthodontist.
Pavan Chaganti
22:27 07 Jan 24
I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Croft and his staff. They had been very patient through the whole process. They are very thorough and always accommodate to provide immediate support to address any issues. I am extremely pleased with the results.
Michael Krafsig
04:41 01 Jan 24
So far have had a great experience with Columbia Orth and Dr Croft. They are caring polite and always accommodating. Would defeintly recommend.
John Wohlwend
19:56 08 Dec 23
Had our oldest daughter get her braces here, and will take our other five kids here when the time comes. Columbia Ortho is professional, yet flexible with scheduling, and it's nice to be able to have appts. any weekday (if you're willing to travel to the other locations.) What I like best is that they don't try to hard-sell any stuff that is of questionable benefit. They worked with our insurance to make the process as seamless as possible. Good place, not shady (like some we've been to.) Only minor drawback is the parking lot at the Cascade Park location. Maneuvering is a bit tricky, but that is not their fault, but the landlord's. Our car is fine, but don't try to take a Hummer there.
22:44 01 Nov 23
I went through Columbia Orthodontics for the ortho side of my jaw surgery. Everyone there is wonderful and has amazing bedside manner. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who needs braces or jaw surgery for the ortho side of things.
Linda Hayes
14:36 30 Oct 23
Staff are helpful and friendly. I would recommend them to all my friends
Theresa Seufer
15:56 18 Oct 23
Amazing place. Great people.
Princess Ny
00:43 05 Oct 23
I had some troubles along the way but I was assured everything will be alright and that I would love my smile that. That was definitely the case got my braces off and loved my new smile.
Kris Johnson
14:57 15 Sep 23
Our experience with Columbia Orthodontics has been nothing short of fantastic. From the friendly and welcoming staff to the expertise and care provided to our children, we couldn’t be happier. They made the orthodontic journey a breeze, explaining each step and making our kids feel comfortable throughout the process. The results are amazing, and we’re grateful for the beautiful smiles they’ve helped create. Highly recommend!”
Brandy Smith
21:25 06 Sep 23
We love Columbia orthodontist. We have used them for 2 of our children's braces and still have 2 more to go, and we'll definitely be back.
20:10 31 Aug 23
So impressed with the Doctor and his team. Some amazing people work here.
Julie Nielsen
21:02 24 Aug 23
We have absolutely loved working with Dr Croft and his staff. We were very pleased with his approach and not rushing into braces. He set a plan and guided us to the best possible outcome. His staff is always welcoming and make it an enjoyable visit. We highly recommend him.
Lesli Quiring
18:08 23 Aug 23
Dr Croft has worked on five of my six children and we are looking forward to having the last child get braces with him someday. He’s done an excellent job and I can’t recommend enough
Brittany Luetjen
22:44 18 Aug 23
The staff is amazing! The front desk is so nice and have no problem working with you on appointments. The Dr. Is the greatest! Best place EVER! I will recommend this place to all my family members and friends 💜
Try This
17:16 11 Aug 23
Couldn't be more happy with the results of 27 months of orthodontics. Not everyone's case is going to be as extreme as mine, But I can tell you that Dr Croft and his staff will get you right. I promise
Suzanne Maloney
21:59 02 Aug 23
Dr. Croft has been amazing! Though our son’s cleft lip and palate have been repaired, they have still presented us with some challenges and he’s always been great about communicating changes to the plan as we’ve progressed. We have some additional work to do, and will be happy to return to Columbia Orthodontics if/when the need arises!
Tambra Gunning
14:55 02 Aug 23
Great experience with Dr Croft ! Highly recommend him !He explained my case throughly and kept me informed on my progress .Thanks again everyone !
Rock Sobeck
17:26 01 Aug 23
Life changing for my son. Thanks Columbia Ortho!
Desi Gray
21:26 28 Jun 23
Dr Croft and his team are amazing. I know I wasn't the easiest patient for these last four years but I definitely felt that I was heard and they were definitely patient throughout the entire process to achieve the near perfection I was looking for!
Melody Finnemore
19:11 25 Apr 23
We had a great experience and the staff is very friendly and professional!
Pistachio Kitty
04:03 06 Apr 23
I loved my experience and results at Columbia Orthodontics! Dr. Croft and his team are very friendly and helpful and always answered any questions I had. I would only recommend Dr. Croft for any orthodontic needs!!
Daniel Stansberry
19:43 22 Mar 23
Staff here is amazing, quick, gentle, sweet, and took really amazing care of my daughter. Fully recommend stop on in and chat with them.
Amber R
17:28 22 Mar 23
All the staff was great !
Monica Wimsett
16:43 10 Mar 23
Since starting this journey the staff have been nothing but kind and amazing to my family and I. They are open and honest. I really appreciate it. Plus my teen really likes the rewards system they have when you care of your braces.
Morgan Morrow
16:52 03 Mar 23
We are so excited to be working with Columbia Orthodontics for my daughters braces and oral care. Such amazing accommodating staff! The time and attention they gave both of us and our questions was reassuring. The communication and ease of this entire process is greatly appreciated. Five whole big gold stars for them!!!
JustinandErica Hardin
19:11 01 Mar 23
Always a positive experience when we come to Columbia Orthodontics! We have been patients for over a year but today, my daughter is getting braces which is exciting and scary all at the same time! The front desk was so kind and helpful! We already know Dr. Croft and his staff are amazing! We can not wait to watch her smile transform!
Kati Howard
23:21 17 Feb 23
Dr. Croft is attentive and thorough in his treatment. We are very pleased with his orthodontist treatment of our sons.
Ashley Domingo
18:13 16 Feb 23
Dr. Croft has been great working with my kids. He communicates well what the dental plan will be and is kind and caring, always answering all questions with patience. Our experience with this orthodontic clinic and the entire staff has been wonderful and I would recommend them to anyone needing orthodontic intervention!
Kelli Raymond
17:25 15 Feb 23
Excellent service Roxy was very friendly and helpful.
Sarah Gammell Matthews
18:34 08 Feb 23
Just started our braces journey and are so pleased with the friendly and knowledgeable staff, ease in scheduling, and professionalism. Highly recommend!
Tiffany Mehan
19:10 27 Jan 23
We have used Dr Croft for the third time in our family. I highly recommend him and his wonderful staff. They’ve always gone above and beyond! Thank you Dr Croft!
Danielle M
16:46 27 Jan 23
Friendly staff, very informative, quick service
Deepak Bamba
18:00 25 Jan 23
😁😁😁😁😁😁 me happy smiles 😃
Kristin Vittitoe
18:36 20 Jan 23
Columbia Ortho was absolutely amazing to deal with. My daughter really needed braces and they walked us step by step through the insurance process which was super helpful. The staff and Dr. Croft are very polite and great to work with. All around it was a VERY positive experience.
Traci Hartley
16:28 20 Jan 23
Dr Croft and his staff are super nice and very helpful. My son is getting braces today and we are super excited
01:51 19 Jan 23
Very impressed with the Dr and all the staff from the front desk to the back. Very friendly, knowledgeable and made my daughter feel very comfortable each time she went and now she wont stop showing everyone her new smile:)
Kimberli Ray
23:41 18 Jan 23
The staff and Dr. Croft were amazing with my daughter and her braces care. Every time we went into the office, they were so nice and answered any questions we had. Thank you very much for making the experience of having braces easy for my daughter.
Sarah Price
17:41 18 Jan 23
Both girls are getting their braces on today! The staff is very kind and takes the time to explain the process from the beginning.
Tracey Pearce
17:30 18 Jan 23
My daughter is a new patient & just getting her braces on today!! I am so impressed with how prompt & professional they are with service! We are looking forward to her many appointments!
Hannah yohannes
23:57 16 Jan 23
They have very good service, I have seen a lot of change in my teeth. The workers are amazing and very nice as well.
Holly Wigton
18:29 11 Jan 23
We absolutely love this place! Throughout our dental journey we have had a lot of negative experiences. BUT, this place is different. The staff is super friendly & very supportive of their clients needs!
Heather ArellianoRobles
19:07 21 Dec 22
Great service! Staff are very friendly and helpful.
Jennifer Trick
02:19 13 Dec 22
I've been seen at the Cascade Park and Salmon Creek locations and have received nothing but amazing and caring service from all team members. I walk in the door and the receptionist checks me in before I even say my name. Dr. Croft and his entire team are all genuine in their kind treatment of all patients. I highly recommend!!
20:37 16 Nov 22
Excellent dentist and team! I had a tough case where I had to do half braces and half Invisalign. They did an amazing job and I'm really happy with the results.
Bethany Whittingham
22:16 09 Nov 22
We felt so welcomed when we came for our consultation. The staff and doctor were amazing. We knew this was the perfect fit for us right away. With the fun atmosphere and convinent locations, it’s a win for all.
Sarah Badten
18:15 08 Nov 22
Dr. Croft put my braces on over 23 years ago. He did an AMAZING job!!! I am so happy. I now live in Alaska and the wire to the permanent retainer on my bottom teeth broke. I tried to locate a Doctor in Anchorage to remove it, but they all wanted to charge an arm and a leg, so next time I went home to visit my folks, I made an appointment with Dr. Croft who removed the wire free of charge! No muss, no fuss. What an absolute stand up guy he is. And it was so GREAT to see him again after all these years. I HIGHLY recommend him. THANKS DR. CROFT!!!
Jocelyn Fitzgerald
17:38 30 Sep 22
We had a great experience! My son loved the staff and all the education they gave us. 💛🫶
Marissa Harris
05:59 14 Sep 22
I loved this place Dr.Croft and his assistants took very good care of me while I had my braces. I broke a bracket (by eating something I wasn’t supposed to) and they scheduled me in the very next day. Overall I am grateful for their service and definitely recommend them.
Emily Pettit
17:59 13 Sep 22
Absolutely love Dr. Croft and his wonderful staff! Absolutely recommend.
naiomi ella
00:04 13 Sep 22
I had an amazing experience in Dr.Crofts office, I had my braces on for just a year and a half with no issues,and my smile came out beautiful😊😊
Jen Speerbrecher
17:44 12 Aug 22
I have brought both of my daughters here for braces and been absolutely thrilled with the staff and the results. These guys do it right!!
Gaming With Devin
16:49 03 Aug 22
This place is amazing and makes you feel so special they even came in two days before Christmas to fix a broken bracket.I would highly recommend them!!
Tina Litsey
15:54 31 Jul 22
Every staff person I came in contact with was helpful, friendly, and professional.
Mayra Chavarria
15:36 22 Jul 22
This place I’ll recommend for anyone that needs a orthodontist, great people that work there and most of all my daughter it’s really happy with her new smile, we are super pleased with this service
17:05 08 Jul 22
Pretty cool place tbh
Megan Taylor
20:39 01 Jul 22
Columbia Orthodontist are amazing!! We have had the best experience with Dr. Croft and his staff. My son was so excited to get his braces off today and now has the perfect smile 😃
Sara Gardi
22:40 29 Jun 22
Very nice environment and staff. Friendly and felt comfortable.
Brent Johnson
17:31 29 Jun 22
This was my second time around with orthodontics. It’s been 50 years since I had braces. I wanted to straighten out my lower teeth and Dr Croft was very accommodating in only doing what I was asking for. The Suresmile aligners worked well for me and the results are better than I’d hoped for. More than that I was very impressed with the friendliness, professionalism, and competence of everyone I encountered in the office. From scheduling, to billing my insurance, to corresponding with me while I was out of town the customer service was always exceptional. I highly recommend Columbia Orthodontics.
Maia Peaches
03:41 20 May 22
John Gerardo
20:20 29 Apr 22
For over the past 10 years, my family has experienced superb professionalism, caring, understanding and duty to detail at Columbia Orthodontics under the safe guard of Dr. Croft. All my four children received orthodontics care from a staff that truly understands their patients. The staff's expertise was comforting to me and my children. They encouraged questions and constantly had an answer to our questions. The staff was always friendly and in a good mood. The office atmosphere displayed a high quality work environment.Dr. Croft is man who loves what he does, cares about his patients and is of the highest caliber in his field. I would recommend 100X over the outstanding service at Columbia Orthodontic. So, If you are going to trust some one with your teeth, don't just trust anyone, GO WITH DR. CROFT.John Gerardo
Diego Mercado
00:37 24 Apr 22
The staff was extremely friendly, kind and helpful and overall create a welcome environment. Through all of my visits i’ve never had any problems whether that be with questions, scheduling or anything else. Overall a great experience!
Pamela Lo
01:38 12 Jan 22
Highly recommended for this wonderful place to everyone. The doctor is nice and the staff is also helpful.
claryssa __
00:52 06 Jan 22
great service and quick appointments, very nice assistants and great atmosphere, my teeth look great after coming here
21:28 23 Dec 21
K Ellis
21:33 11 Dec 21
Great experience at Columbia Orthodontics. I have two kids in braces and they have done a fabulous job on both. Highly recommended!
Janet Johnson
23:00 12 Nov 21
Dr. Croft and his team are friendly, and exceedingly professional. I would definitely recommend his practice to anyone, any age. Me, a 65-year-old with a beautiful smile now! Thanks😬
Sydney C
21:48 22 Oct 21
Wonderful place to fix your teeth! Staff are all kind and helpful!! Definitely recommend. So happy with my smile!
Rory Brendtro
23:30 07 Oct 21
Dr Croft. Hmmmmmm. What can I say other then he is AMAZING. I know 2 neighbor boys who went to him and they said he was awesome so I took my pride and joy (my daughter). From day one I knew this guy was ok. He always made my girl feel comfortable and his staff is just as amazing as he is. Thank you for all the help and support with my little girls teeth. She is not as little as she was when we began this journey but still my baby. Thank you so much. I will pass you practice along to anyone seeking your type of service Thank you. I can’t say it enough. Truly. Thank youAlso. Go Niners !!!
Valerie Brustad
19:29 29 Sep 21
Highly recommend Columbia Orthodontics! Friendly staff, easy scheduling, and a great doctor!
Carlos Diaz
17:37 25 Aug 21
My teeth came out looking perfect
Grady Smith
19:15 20 Aug 21
Friendly staff, great service, I definately recommend, and very happy with my teeth!
Larry Hubatka
23:02 12 Aug 21
We've visited and received fantastic service from all three Columbia Orthodontics' locations. What a convenience. The entire staff is courteous, extremely friendly, and there to help. My son is thrilled with his new smile. My youngest is already asking when he can get his braces (not that he needs them) but he saw how happy his big brother was with the results. I highly recommend you consider Columbia Orthodontics before and after you check out others. Picking the best is always a great decision.
23:40 21 Jul 21
Very happy with overall experience! All three of my children have completed their treatment and I am so pleased with the results! I am next! Whoo hoo!7/31/21 Update! I just got my braces off! So happy with the results! Thank you doc!
Susan M
19:00 16 Jul 21
Staff are great and we enjoyed going there!
Tina Ferrante
18:55 05 Jul 21
I'm impressed with my results. Always easy to get an appointment.
Volodymyr Ostap
19:07 02 Jul 21
They created a beautiful smile 😁 of my daughter, many thanks to them!!!Every visit was professionally served. Every visit was professionally smiled.😀They have aligned the teeth which other doctor was not able and the other doctor recommended to remove 4 of them. 4 teeth of 13y girl, insane.I am glad we got to this clinic.GREAT JOB!!! Thank you!!!