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The professionals at Columbia Orthodontics, PC provide your go-to Cascade Park Orthodontics in WA. We, the experts in the field of orthodontics, cater to your unique situation. As an Orthodontist in Vancouver, we specialize in techniques that utilize both art and science with a people-centered orientation.

Cascade Park Orthodontics in WA

Columbia Orthodontics, PC is committed to providing exceptional orthodontic care to patients in the Cascade Park area. Dr. Croft, a third-generation orthodontist, leads the practice, which utilizes the latest techniques and technologies to deliver personalized treatment plans that achieve beautiful, healthy smiles.

The team at Columbia Orthodontics, PC takes a people-centered approach, working closely with each patient to understand their unique needs and goals. With a focus on both the art and science of orthodontics, the practice dedicates itself to being the most trusted orthodontic provider in the region. Patients can expect a warm, friendly atmosphere and a commitment to their comfort and satisfaction throughout the treatment process.

Columbia Orthodontics, PC considers it important to be the most trusted orthodontic practice around. Come by the office or call (360) 883-3800 today to schedule a free orthodontic consultation. Let Columbia Orthodontics, PC get you the smile you always wanted! Don’t forget to visit us on Facebook. Don’t forget to visit us on Facebook!

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Wednesday: 8AM – 5PM
Friday: 8AM – 4:30PM

Dr Robert Croft. Orthodontist in Salmon Creek, WA


Dr. Croft

The field of orthodontics is somewhat of a family business. Both my father and my grandfather were orthodontists, and I joined them in the health field.

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Based on 180 reviews
Tonya Mathews
22:20 16 Jul 24
Wonderful experience for my daughter! She has a confident, beautiful smile! Thank you Columbia Crew and Dr. Croft
tori garriott
16:11 26 Jun 24
Dr. Croft and his team are the absolute best! I had braces for 2.5 years and had a really great experience, I never had any issues getting an appointment even a last minute one and they are so kind and knowledgeable. I am so grateful I went with Columbia Orthodontics!
Charice Buck
03:13 31 May 24
Have had a great experience x2! Staff is knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. Good dental heigene earns you "wooden nickels" (=tokens) to redeem for prizes--even gift cards!
Marci Ridinger
18:24 21 May 24
The staff and Doctor are always very friendly and kind.
Bryan Wallace
03:11 11 May 24
Friendly staff, easy to schedule. They really care about the patient and ensure they do a good job. My son's teeth turned out great!
Megan Conedy
01:50 09 May 24
Both of my children came here one after the other. Both of their smiles are amazing. They both had a great experience and all the staff are so nice. I would highly recommended.
22:20 03 May 24
Second child just finished braces with Columbia Ortho. They were very friendly, accommodating and we have two great smiles now. I highly recommend them, two locations!
Alex Zagumennyy
19:16 02 May 24
All I wanted for Christmas were my two front teeth, only had one until I came to Columbia orthodontics. They fulfilled my Christmas wish, now I can wish you Merry Christmas 😁Really good experience, they were able to realign my teeth and bring in a missing front tooth that didn't come down. Dr. Croft was very lenient with my schedule throughout the 2 1/2 years that I wore My braces, Even readjusting the schedule so that I wouldn't have a massive gap for my wedding, and taking off my braces during the first few weeks leading up to, and after, the biggest day of my life. The associates were really Great! They were able to work alongside Dr. Croft to achieve my smile.My wife thanks you as well 😉
Yevgeniy Antonov
19:57 30 Apr 24
Jeff Petersen
19:32 30 Apr 24
Great place for orthodontics. The doctor did a great job and was really helpful with everything.
Todd Tackett
20:17 23 Apr 24
Great place! Dr Croft and his staff were wonderful, we had two kids get braces through Columbia Ortho and both experiences were great.
Michelle Carroll
18:37 04 Apr 24
Dr. Croft has been awesome through my sons year and half with Braces. He is personable and really takes time to talk to his patients. He even helped me when I had a tooth moved in an accident. What a great practice overall.
Martha Valdovinos
15:19 29 Mar 24
Un servicio de calidad y todo el personal es muy amable gracias.
Kenna Teal
22:29 06 Mar 24
Dentist was always kind and went above and beyond to make us happy and comfortable.
Lynette Halsema
00:13 04 Mar 24
My son has been a patient at Columbia orthodontics for the last 2 years. We've never had any issues with scheduling and the team is always responsive to questions or concerns. They provided constant feedback through the process so we always knew how things were going. We were very happy with the staff and Orthodontist!
Stephanie Wright
18:48 20 Feb 24
So thankful for Dr. Croft and his staff. I'm an adult ortho patient and my daughters also see Dr. Croft, as well! Highly recommended!
FaZe Bam
22:46 16 Feb 24
Dad was first getting his teeth straightened, mom was second, and Blaine just finished with his orthodontic work. The family with pretty teeth!! Thank you Dr. Croft and staff!
Mairi Campbell-Gaines
21:46 18 Jan 24
Dr Croft and his staff always made sure my daughter’s questions were answered and that she knew what her “homework” was.
Jared Cicotti
19:35 18 Dec 23
As an adult in my mid 30s, getting braces put on can be an interesting and intimidating ordeal. I was pleasantly surprised at how comforting and supportive Dr. Croft and their staff were throughout the entire process. From answering any of my questions to following through with quick repairs of me breaking brackets (apparently I am not gentle enough).I am astonished at the outcome, and I have, and will continue to recommend anyone questioning if orthodontic treatment to see Dr. Croft and his crew to alleviate any thoughts against getting it done.Much appreciated, look forward to seeing many others have the smile they wanted, regardless of their age!Thank you again 😁
K Ellis
19:29 08 Dec 23
Have taken both my kids to Columbia orthodontics for braces. Amazing experience, very easy to schedule appointments, flexible locations and great team.
Abby Prihodiko
22:59 28 Nov 23
amazing orthodontist!! such an easy journey and process. thank you columbia ortho team!
Themis Harris
04:05 06 Oct 23
I got my braces on and off here, the staff are very nice and appointments are pretty simple and quick.
Laverne Engard
16:33 04 Oct 23
Everyone working at Columbia Orthodontics is very helpful and professional.
16:58 30 Sep 23
Excellent office for orthodontics. Knowledgeable Dr, caring and helpful staff, flexible appointment times and even locations.
Lisa Padillas
03:26 13 Sep 23
We have two kids coming here my son is still going through his treatment, but my daughter finished early wearing her braces for 1.5yrs!We’ve had a truly wonderful experience from start to finish. From the initial evaluation/ meeting there was no pressure, friendly communication and answering questions. Even the price of everything that was included was much less than a couple other places we checked into and honestly the care and attention she received was pleasantly appreciated. They are definitely “a well oiled machine” from the flexibility in appointments, care of the patients, quality of expertise, kindness of the Dr and staff. Exceptional, you can tell the team enjoys each other and the Dr takes care of his team. It’s refreshing! Have already recommended several of our friends here! Highly recommend!
14:33 25 Aug 23
Dr Croft and all of his staff have been amazing through our experience with braces. We have 2 other kiddos who will be getting braces and we wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thanks for always explaining things and giving great service!
Jeremy Howell
18:18 15 Aug 23
Love this team! They are passionate, professional and focused on great results.
Tamara Hicks
18:20 20 Jul 23
Very patient, answered all my concerns.I feel alote better grtting my teeth pulled for futore braces.
my mirela
22:37 01 Jun 23
My son had a great experience.
Justin Winter
18:21 25 May 23
Excellent results!!!!!!!!! My teeth became beautiful after braces. Very friendly people too.
David Hazelton
17:09 23 May 23
From start to finish, everyone was helpful, knowledgeable, and kind. My daughter's teeth look amazing now! Thanks a lot to the whole team!
Joanne M
18:49 18 May 23
I had braces when I was a kid. The experience as an adult was so much better thanks to Dr. Croft and his staff. Remember to wear your retainers!
Jurgen Achterbosch
04:24 05 May 23
Excellent care with a staff that listens to your concerns. Flexible scheduling with multiple locations. I appreciated adult orthodontics and being treated with respect.
Victoria Stefanyuk
23:41 17 Apr 23
There's a reason my family keeps coming back to get our braces here; an amazing, family-like environment, with staff that want to make your smile look amazing!
Jody Tindol
05:25 12 Apr 23
Dr. Croft and his staff did a great job with our 17 year old daughter's smile! Each team member was very knowledgeable, attentive, and helpful! We had a wonderful overall experience!
Chandra U
18:17 16 Mar 23
We just got our first child in braces, and so far, we have had the best of care at Columbia Orthodontics. Dr Croft and his team have been so wonderful to work with. They have been helpful and communicative. We have felt comfortable and cared for each step of the way. Thank you!
Amanda Miller
18:08 09 Mar 23
Best ortho clinic the people here are very friendly and my kids absolutely loved being here. They are friendly and welcoming.
Kate Ventura
04:28 11 Feb 23
We had a great experience with Columbia Orthodontics. I appreciate that they have multiple locations. My daughter's smile looks great!
Laura Stewart
18:28 09 Feb 23
Third child starting treatment! All experiences have been amazing! Dr. Croft and his team are wonderful!
Marcie Decious
16:51 09 Feb 23
amanda willingham
21:03 07 Feb 23
My son just got his braces off and his teeth look AMAZING! I had my own braces done through Dr. Croft when I was a teen and taking my son to him was a no brainer. His smile is perfect and the level of service we got with Columbia Orthodontics can’t be beat. Highly recommend!
jessica brown
19:03 26 Jan 23
Very friendly and comfortable.
Christina Soare
18:19 26 Jan 23
This office is amazing. Everyone is so nice and helpful. They explain everything so well. I just started treatment today and I’m satisfied with everything so far.
Rosa Hernandez
16:20 26 Jan 23
Definitely recommend Dr. Croft and the front desk. It's been an amazing, very welcoming and smooth experience. Started in 2019, Dr. Croft is great at explaining the process. I will definitely return for my next son!
Kay E.
18:10 12 Jan 23
The team is amazing. Both of my children have had an amazing experience and we love Dr Croft.
Linda Liesegang
15:49 07 Jan 23
If you need orthodontic work this is the place. Friendly, professional staff.great experience.Sue
david spading
19:15 05 Jan 23
Just got our second kiddo in braces with Dr Croft and the team. They are incredible, patient, and caring! I work in the dental field and there is nowhere else I would rather go for my kids orthodontics
Ruby Smith
18:16 05 Jan 23
My son Got his braces on today. He is so excited. The team members here are kind and knowable.
Mandy DeBord
23:58 20 Dec 22
We loooove Columbia Orthodontics!!! The Dr is amazing and both my kids are patients. I’d recommend them to anyone! Grateful they are on our team!!
Caden Spanier
04:09 08 Dec 22
Was great the doctor and staff were really nice
Jennifer Williams
18:12 06 Dec 22
Great experience with all of the staff at Columbia Orthodontics! Easy to make an appointment. My daughter was very comfortable during her first appointment when she got her braces. Highly recommend. Love the smaller office setting.
Michelle Kathren
20:04 22 Nov 22
Dr. Croft is absolutely amazing and his staff are all very sweet, awesome and kind! I will recommend these wonderful people as often as I can!!!
23:45 25 Oct 22
The ENTIRE family has now been a patient of Dr. Croft! We are all very satisfied and really enjoyed our experience. Dr. Croft has the best sense of humor and his staff is over the top amazing. I would recommend this clinic to all my friends and family! Thank you to everyone!
Jaime Joynes
23:47 10 Sep 22
Dr Croft and his team are phenomenal. He knew exactly what was best for my daughter and the outcome of her treatment is beyond what I expected. She needed braces three years ago, and three years later, she has no more crowding and has even more of a beautiful big smile all thanks to Dr Croft and his wonderful hygienists. Can’t thank you enough! Great cost with insurance. Awesome team. Knowledgeable orthodontist who will ensure you get the best treatment and results. Even if it has to take a couple years, it’s worth it in the end after all the patient waiting and due diligence.
Liam Pippine
01:31 19 Jul 22
Experience was great super efficient and helpful
Ye Chan Ameling
23:54 27 Jun 22
After 2 years of braces, my teeth are perfectly straight! They deserve a 5 star.
Loren Zborowski
20:42 01 Jun 22
My granddaughter, Kaia Bloomer, had her braces off this last week and she has the most beautiful smile. More then the aesthetics she had a severe overbite and now all the teeth are lined up and she has no problems eating now. Thank you to all the wonderful staff that has taken care of Kaia over the last year and a half and thank you Dr. Croft, you have made a world of difference. We look forward to seeing you for your next patient, grandson Dylan Bloomer.
17:12 26 May 22
Jesse Colson
14:22 25 May 22
Just had my braces off, and I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Croft and his team! They did an AMAZING job straightening out the crowded and overlapping mess in my small mouth, and it not only looks good, but feels great that I can properly clean my teeth and gums! They always seemed to be in a good mood, even through the pandemic restrictions, and I never felt like I was receiving anything less than their best work. I would (and have) definitely recommend them to anyone.
Edwin Zamora
18:27 24 May 22
Amazing place I had a situation where my teeth were pushed back due to being hit and dr kropht was helping me after hours telling me what to do and assisting me after hours to get my teeth back in place and the next day ended up fixing them and adding a new wire to hold them in place.
chrishaela west
04:47 20 May 22
Great office.. Great People.. All of my kids Have been to Dr. Crofts and we have had an exceptional experience…Thanks so much..
Tia Clary
20:39 04 Apr 22
Dr. Croft and his team have been phenomenal in the care of my teenage son. Our journey began years ago when my son was recommended to have braces and we were referred to Columbia Orthodontics. Although he was not ready at the time, Dr. Croft and his team continued to evaluate my son, and when he had all his adult teeth in, we started the process of orthodontics. Every part of the process was easy including scheduling and communication of where he was in the process. Being seen for fixing hardware or making adjustments as needed was a breeze with three locations to choose from. He loved the office incentive program and collected enough tokens to earn an Amazon gift card. My son just got his braces off last week and his smile is amazing! He loved his braces and was surprisingly sad to see them go (He enjoyed picking out new band colors), but the confidence he has in his new smile is priceless! I highly recommend Dr. Croft and his fabulous team for all your orthodontia needs.
E Campos
19:43 08 Mar 22
Angela was superb, attentive, and reliable. Dr Croft was friendly. Gives you a being at home feeling. Enjoyed my experience.
Kristin Rowland
20:59 17 Feb 22
Love love love!!! I am so pleased with the out come of my daughters teeth. Very nice staff. Love how Dr takes the time to answer all of your questions. Thank you!!!
Kassie Perez
06:25 27 Jan 22
I had a great experience at columbia othrodontist!! The place is a nice and comfortable area to be and the assistants are nice and helpful.
Chaotic Entropy (Chaotic)
01:14 19 Jan 22
Danielle Olson
00:49 17 Jan 22
My daughter had a great experience. The team was always friendly and on time. Dr. Croft always took the time to answer my questions. I would highly recommend!
00:43 17 Dec 21
Had braces here for almost 2 years and it went very well overall considering the challenges we all faced and had to adapt with throughout the pandemic. I’m very thankful for their whole team!
Sabrina Eisenbarth
18:28 14 Dec 21
We have had three kids go through Columbia Orthodontics to get braces and have the best experience. Dr. Croft and his staff are amazing! They make the visits as fun and comfortable as they can. Would definitely recommend, 5 stars all around!!!
Sara Koethe
22:16 06 Dec 21
All the staff here is so wonderful! My teeth came put amazing after years of work from these guys. I highly recommend.
Laura Suverly
05:40 16 Nov 21
Great customer service with attentiveness to urgent orthodontic needs.
Juan Sanchez
01:59 27 Oct 21
I am very happy with Dr. Croft and his extraordinary team. A few years ago I felt uncomfortable with the way I looked because of my smile, after about a year of treatment and with careful care and attention from himself and his team I feel confident in my smile. And its safe to say I am more more than satisfied with their service.
Jesse Campos
18:18 14 Oct 21
My teeth look really good highly recommend
Renee Merrill
16:43 04 Oct 21
I am very happy with my experience at Columbia Orthodontics!
Tony “Air 1” Plumbing
02:55 01 Sep 21
This place is awesome both me and my daughter been patients at Columbia orthodontics we love the results
Lindquist Family
18:46 20 Jul 21
Dr. Croft is the best at answering any questions. He goes above and beyond to communicate every step of the way. The atmosphere of the office is very friendly and personal. I also love how everything is always super clean. I am very pleased and enthusiastically recommend Columbia Ortho!
Jeff Hoyt
23:53 19 Jul 21
Finally done with Invisalign! Dr. Croft and his team were amazing throughout the process, and my teeth are now also amazing!!! Highly recommend for busy adults that want a great smile!
Fernando Tino Coj
19:23 30 Jun 21
Dr. Croft and his team did an awesome job fixing my crowding teeth. Thank you Dr. Croft and all your team for making me have such a strong confident with my smile and myself. Really great experience once a gain thank you guys🦷
Amy Krcek
17:48 17 Jun 21
Columbia Orthodontics have done a great job! We have been very happy with their work and our experience of braces with them! We’re so happy with the results!
Geneva Barnes
21:56 27 May 21
Great service and friendly staff!
rayleen howard
04:44 26 May 21
Colombia orthodontics is a great place! By far the best I’ve been too. I came in at as a transfer patient. My first orthodontist was very unorganized and I did not know when I was even going to get my braces off. I came to Dr.Croft office in salmon creek and he gave me a mapped out game plan of what he had in action to make sure my braces came off. Within months of appointments with him, I finally got my braces off today and love the end results! He truly knows exactly what he is doing and the staff are all so nice and sweet as well. I 10/10 recommend Columbia orthodontics!
Kasy Bautista
22:15 10 May 21
Everyone was so nice. I really like it here 🙂
Edith Mondragon
20:38 07 May 21
I bring my daughter here and they do an excellent job. Totally recommend..
22:06 01 May 21
I wish I could give them 10 stars. Dr. Kroft is really great and cares about his patients. He has done braces on 2 of my children and went above and beyond a couple of time. His staff is also very friendly.
Sofia Mendez
20:01 28 Apr 21
I had the best experience with Dr.Croft, his staff is super friendly and welcoming! I love my new smile I recommend his office to everyone. He made my braces experience amazing, 10/10
Luz Maria Santana
19:05 27 Apr 21
Chazil Mae Farmer
22:21 11 Feb 21
The office is very clean, staff are friendly and Dr. Croft is very good in explaining what's the next step and what to expect. On top of that I got a professional discount!
Sahil Sharan
17:03 11 Feb 21
Awesome staff they got my teeth looking good in no time!!!
Sherine West
22:15 10 Feb 21
We have had a great experience with Columbia Orthodontics from our very first visit. The front desk personnel are very friendly and helpful. Dr. Croft and his staff are very knowledgeable and professional, but still maintain a friendly, welcoming environment. They do a great job of explaining the process of orthodontia and do an excellent job of helping patients feel more at ease. I appreciate their honesty about the pain that might be involved, and their advice for minimizing that pain. We are just starting on our Orthodontics journey, and I am confident it will be a good one with Columbia Orthodontics.
[XBOX] bossescommand
17:11 06 Feb 21
Amazing and kind staff, Super happy about my new teeth and smile. Well informed through the whole braces process.
Chris Evidente
05:24 21 Jan 21
Dr. Croft and his team were amazing! I went in for a second opinion regarding my Invisalign. They were very thorough looking at my teeth/bite - plus they had up to date/advanced technology regarding their scans. I was very happy with my consultation and check up. Most of all, I felt no pressure to change ortho practices and his opinion was purely genuine. I highly recommend going here for anything related to orthodontics!
Amy Scheidt
21:52 03 Jan 21
Dr. Croft and his team work together like a well oiled machine. While personable and professional, this experience for my son went smoothly from start to finish. The cost was lined out at the initial free consultation and we never paid more. The Salmon Creek office was our main office, but we visited each office at one point or another... Never experienced less than premium service. I would highly recommend Columbia Orthodontist, PC to anyone looking for a quality care.