Brushing With Braces Prevents a Myriad of Concerns

good braces hygiene When Dr. Croft puts braces on your teeth, you now have more spaces that can trap food. The brushing habits you had before for cleaning your teeth may no longer be enough.

Here are a few things that can occur if you don’t brush adequately.

  • Demineralization. That a pretty big word for something which is actually really rather simple. When food is left on teeth, it comes in contact with bacteria. The combination of the two creates acid. This acid can rob teeth of both calcium and phosphate. This can result in decalcification which manifests itself in “white scars.” These are those chalky little while squares that outline the area where braces once where. It is important to know that the braces themselves do not cause white scares. Anyone who doesn’t care for his or her teeth can have these marks. However, individuals with braces are more prone to this phenomenon because braces can trap food. Avoid these marks by brushing.
  • Gingivitis. This is the initial form of gum disease. Tissues around the teeth become inflamed and can cause bleeding, tenderness, redness or swelling. This can be avoided by cleaning around the gum line—brush and floss.
  • Sensitivity. If your guns recede, the underlying layer of your teeth can become exposed. There are thousands of tiny tubules leading to the tooth’s nerve center. When exposed, these tubules can cause sensitivity. Anyone can suffer from sensitivity, but braces wearers can be especially susceptible. Brush thoroughly after every meal and floss at least once a day
  • Plaque. Everyone suffers from plaque, but as with other dental problems, the challenges of cleaning around braces mean that braces wearers must be especially careful about fighting plaque.
  • Tartar. If you leave plaque on your tooth, you will get tartar. This is hard to remove and once tartar has formed, only a dentist or hygienist can remove it.
  • Bad Breath. Sometimes bad breath is what our patients are the most concerned about. This is an immediate problem which can cause social problems. If bad breath develops only after getting braces is almost certainly caused by poor oral hygiene.

For any concerns about your braces or health of your teeth, contact Dr. Croft.