• Giving Back

  • Plumeria Disabled Children’s Fund

    “Helping hope bloom for the child’s needy.”

    Activities for Plumeria Disabled Children Organization:

    • Building a food shelter
    • Cooking/Feeding children
    • Guidance & Counseling with parents
    • Building school huts, benches and desks
    • Teaching children how to speak English, read and write
    • Arts and Crafts with children
    • Work in the school’s first garden and crop
    • Visit Homes with HIV and AIDS Children
    Thank you Michelle & Dylan Weimer for letting letting our office be a part of Plumeria Disabled Children’s Fund and your missionary trip to Kenya Africa this year.We believe it’s people like you who truly make our world a better place. Wishing you many successes on your trip!

    My name is Ginny Kimbro and I am a short-term missionary and have traveled to many countries for about 10 years. The last mission I attended was in Kenya. It was an amazing trip and a genuine adventure…a way that broadened my world and gained new perspective. I made new friends and experienced open hearted love; had my mind and heart changed in incredibly positive ways, and most importantly, shared God’s love– hands on and face to face.

    Looking Up~

    Ginny Kimbro, Plumeria Disabled Children’s Fund Founder

    13405 NE 84th St. #103 PMP 181 – Vancouver, WA 98682 360-241-6213 PlumeriaKenya@gmail.com