The Facts about Braces Treatment

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Many factors are considered when our Vancouver orthodontist develops a braces treatment for you.  And, while you may have your heart set on a simple retainer or if you have looked into Invisalign, these options may not be right for you.  As the orthodontist Vancouver families trust with their smile and braces, look to our team to ensure your smile is in the best hands.  We consider many factors when deciding on a treatment plan and our decision paves the way for a perfect smile down the road.  Some of the factors we take into account include:

Your Tooth Alignment

How your teeth are aligned in your mouth is the most important aspect that will affect your braces treatment.  Severe gaps or overlapping teeth typically require different treatment plans.  When teeth are misaligned, our Vancouver orthodontist recommends using traditional ceramic or metal braces and possibly palatial expanders before progressing to other methods.  If teeth are only a little crooked, we may suggest treatments that are done in phases.

Your Commitment

Your commitment the treatment plan we design plays another big role.  If you take care of your teeth with proper oral care such as brushing and flossing, and are committed to a better smile, the time you wear braces can shorten.  Ask our staff about correct oral hygiene procedures with braces and learn what foods and beverages you should avoid.  Commitment also includes how you care for dental appliances such as a retainer or head gear.

The Cost

Even though you are at a stage where you would pay anything to have a perfect smile, your family may be concerned with the cost.  While Invisalign or ceramic braces may be your wish, our Vancouver orthodontist has solutions like traditional metal braces that are a less expensive treatment plan. 

Your Lifestyle

What you do on a day to day basis can also be a factor when our team is developing your braces treatment plan.  If you are in the public eye or play contact sports, clear aligners may be a necessity.  If you have a busy lifestyle and always on the go, metal braces may be your best option due to their ease of use and care.

By considering the above factors, we can start a treatment plan that fits your unique situation.  Call our office today or join us on Facebook to learn more.   We’ll talk to you about your options as we learn about you and the needs and goals of your smile.