• Invisalign Might Be The Choice For You. Ask Dr. Croft

  • Dental work should not change your life's activities.

    Dental work should not change your life’s activities.

    Dr. Croft and his team know that many people out there feel some concern when trying to decide if and what kind of dental device to correct their tooth problems. Both braces and Invisalign can produce good results in giving you the smile you’ve always wanted. Both methods can straighten your teeth and alleviate your crowding, spacing, cross bite, overbite, and underbite issues. 

    To decide which is right for you, Dr. Croft will look at your individual needs.

    Many individuals, especially adults, decide on invisalign. There are several reasons: One reason is because they are comfortable.

    Some of the discomfort you might experience with braces is greatly reduced with Invisalign. One of the greatest things with Invisalign is that it is custom-fit to your mouth and made of plastic. This custom fit means that you will feel less pain, irritation, and soreness. Unlike braces, when you are wearing invisalign, there are no food restrictions; you can eat anything that is on your diet.

    Whether you are wearing the more traditional braces or Invisalign, you will want to make sure you brush and floss correctly. Sometimes these simple tasks can become quite a challenge. Invisalign aligners are very easy to remove and replace, so you can brush or floss like normal without having to work your way around any metallic framework covering your teeth.

    Since the aligners are practically invisible, no one will probably even notice that you are wearing them! Whether you are a teenager or an older adult, you can live your life normally.

    If you want to learn more about Invisalign, or are wondering what your treatment options call Dr. Croft and his team at Columbia Orthodontics in Vancouver WA.