• Halloween Costumes and Games While Wearing Braces

  • What are you being for Halloween this year?

    Halloween is the one day of the year you can be anything want to be. You might want to try out some orthodontist-themed costume ideas. We always love them.


    dracula-987974_640When you think of monsters and teeth, you just have to think about vampires. The cultural phenomenon of loving vampires is undeniable. Vampire costumes have long been a favorite for Halloween and in the last few years have become even more popular. You can have your costume range from full on monster to awkward teenager vampire.

    Whichever way you decide to go you can find a couple liquid blood capsules. These are filled with non-toxic liquid fake blood. You simply place the blood capsules between your upper and lower teeth and bite down til the blood oozes out of your mouth.

    Giant Tooth

    There are giant tooth costumes. A little creepy we admit, but it is an idea.

    Tooth Fairy

    The tooth fairy is another fun idea! Make it your own! Try using a fairy costume. Your braces will make the outfit.

    It’s that time of the year for Halloween parties. Honestly, a new pair of braces isn’t going to affect your party going experience much at all, but just in case you’re throwing a party, we thought we’d offer a few suggestions.

    Halloween Parties

    If you are headed to a Halloween party, your braces should be no problem at all—except for maybe that bobbing for apples game. But who wants to get in all that water anyway.

    Unfortunately, bobbing for apples is out if you have braces.

    Here are a couple other suggestions:

    Toilet paper mummy.

    In Toilet Paper Mummy, you take turns trying to wrap each other up with toilet paper within a time limit. Whoever ends up creating the most impressive mummy wins.

    Dead Man’s Brains.

    Before the party you prepare a bunch of bowls and jars full of the body parts. For something like the eyes you’d use pealed grapes and for the brains you use cold spaghetti. When your guest arrive you turn out the lights and invite them to touch the contents of each bowl or jar one at time while you tell them what part of the corpse they’re laying their hands on. If anyone gasps or gags, they’re out. Try snipping the tips off candy corn, dipping them in canola oil and telling people that they’re teeth. Gross… but fun!


    It’s not really Halloween without candy. Just make sure you choose wisely. Things like M&Ms, chocolate bars, soft cookies, and cakes are fine. Just remember to brush and floss afterwards!

    Avoid candies that are hard to chew or sticky.  Especially, avoid gum, taffy, rock candy, and anything with nuts in it.  These things can damage your braces.

    If you do somehow manage to damage your braces then be sure to call us so we can give you further instruction and possibly schedule an appointment to prevent any further damage.

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