• Forget Old Brace-Wearing Sterotypes

  • In the previous couple of decades, books and after school specials haves portrayed the stereotypical braces wearer – a middle schooler with a mouth full of metal brackets. This stereotype no longer always rings true. The head cheerleader is just as likely to have braces as the awesome kid entering the science fair every year with the winning project.

    Old stereotypes have spawned numerous myths about orthodontics that discourage many people from getting the dental care they need. At Columbia Orthodontics we would like to set the record straight on some of these misrepresentations.

    Myth 1: Orthodontic treatment is for kids. Although teenagers often visit the orthodontist to get braces, adults represent a growing proportion of orthodontic patients. Whether you’re eight or 80, a consultation with an orthodontist can identify problems with your teeth, jaws, or bite that can be corrected by orthodontic interventions.

    Myth 2: Traditional, metal braces are the only option you have. There are so many options at Columbia Orthodontics.

    Myth 3: Orthodontic treatment is only helpful for crooked teeth. Of course, treatment from Dr. Croft is going to align your teeth, but this is not the only reason you need to seek orthodontic care. You will benefit if you have a range of dental health problems, such as: missing teeth to overbite to jaw misalignment, just to name a few.

    It’s nice to have a smile, but straight teeth can also keep your mouth healthier, lead to better oral hygiene and increase your chances of keeping your own natural teeth for a lifetime!  This is because straight teeth are also less prone to decay. They will decay less because as they straighten they collect less plaque.

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