• Vancouver WA Orthodontics – The Basics of Ortho Insurance

  • Everyone wants to have straight teeth and a beautiful smile, but for many that requires braces or another type of Vancouver WA orthodontics care. Braces are great getting straighter teeth, but braces aren’t cheap. We know that many people live on a tight budget and that the cost of getting braces can be difficult to handle. Thankfully, many patients have at least some insurance that helps cover the cost of their orthodontics treatment.

    At Columbia Orthodontics we can help you understand all the aspects of your particular insurance plan and the coverage it provides. Like you, we want you to get the absolute most assistance out of your insurance plan. Really, all you have to do is make sure that your insurance benefit is paid to us, then we can help set up a payment for the remaining portion that you will have to take care of.

    There are also some important questions that you should be able to answer about your insurance plan. Some of them include:

    • How much does your policy cover during a lifetime?
    • Does your policy pay up front, monthly or quarterly?
    • Does your policy have any waiting periods? When will they be met?
    • Does your policy have a “work in progress” clause?
    • Have you called our office to update your insurance information within the past 12 months?
    • How much has your policy paid out for the existing treatment?

    These are some of the questions you should be aware of. At Columbia Orthodontics we can help you answer these questions and more. So contact us today at 360-883-3800 with any questions you have about insurance. Click here to learn more.