• In Need of Surgical Orthodontics From a Vancouver WA Orthodontist?

  • Although braces are a great fix for many people who have crooked teeth or other orthodontic problems, sometimes they aren’t enough for every patient. SureSmile and Invisalign are two other treatment options but they too are sometimes not enough. For those patients who have severe jaw irregularities, surgical orthodontics might be the best solution.

    Surgical orthodontics is performed with the intent to straighten you jaw. By performing surgery, Dr. Croft is able to align the jaw into its proper place. When your jaw has been corrected your teeth will also move into their proper space. Braces are typically used in conjunction with surgical orthodontics to continue the movement process.

    You will wear your braces for the length of the treatment and although it may look like your teeth are getting worse, after the surgery is performed, both your jaw and your teeth will end up in their proper alignment. It will take a couple of weeks to return to work activities and the entire healing process can take between four and eight weeks. Most of the time, you will be able to get your braces removed within three and 12 months after surgery.

    If you are considering surgical orthodontics, then contact Columbia Orthodontics and our Vancouver WA orthodontist, Dr. Robert Croft. Click here to learn more about surgical orthodontics.