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  • How Long Will I Have to Wear Braces


    Ask a teenager how it feels to get their braces off, and they’ll tell you it is exhilarating!  Their tongue feels strange against their smooth teeth, and they can’t quickly break the habit of swishing water around in their mouth to try to get rid of left over food crumbs after eating.

    These habits are hard to break because most people wear their braces between one and three years.  So they’ve had between 365 and over 1,000 days to build up these habits!

    If you’re about to get braces, and are wondering how long you’ll need to wear them, here are a few things to consider:

    • Severity of your issues
    • Growth of your mouth
    • Use of prescribed practices such as elastic bands, appliances etc

    Everyone’s mouth works differently, and may move more quickly or more slowly with the treatment process.  Obviously using your elastics and appliances properly will help shorten the amount of time you’ll have your braces.

    Early, interceptive treatment procedures may bring your treatment time down to as little as six months as well.

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