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  • Braces Vancouver WA – Is Two-Phase Treatment Right for You

  • When it comes to choosing which kind of braces treatment is right for you, you have a lot of options. At Columbia Orthodontics we offer what we like to call a Two-Phase Treatment. This first phase of this consists of treating a patient at about the age of nine when the front teeth have already come in and are taking up a lot space. The second phase begins at a later time after the rest of the teeth come in.
    At Columbia Orthodontics we recommend that all children have a consultation when they are still between the ages of about seven and nine. Even if your child’s teeth are out of alignment we recommend that in most cases braces be held back till they are a little older and all of their teeth have come in. This means they will only have to wear braces once and that you will only have to pay for them once.
    There are some specific situations where two-phase treatment is ideal. If your child’s teeth are so crooked that they are damaging other teeth or areas of the mouth then doing two-phase treatment is a good idea. Also, if your child is experiencing social awkwardness because of his or her teeth, then getting some treatment early on may be necessary for his or her self-esteem. Click here to learn more about our Two-Phase Treatment plan.