• A Real Halloween Treat!

  • Sydney…

    *one of our favorite patients*
    had a super cool Halloween treat this year!

    Sydney dressed up as “Kathy Beth Terry”,
    Katy Perry alter-ego.

    The alter-ego is an awkward, thirteen year old girl complete with big glasses and of course, a head gear.
    Dr. Croft
    helped complete Sydney’s costume by fashioning an
    *authentic head gear*
    to complete the distinct Kathy-Beth-Terry-look! Doesn’t Sydney look JUST like her??

    Here’s the cool part.

    Katy Perry asked fans to “TWEET” their pictures dressed as the awkward alter-ego so Sydney did!
    Halloween night About 9:30 that night she received a tweet back
    from Katy Perry
    (who was actually on tour in Europe) saying:
    “You’re my fave!”

    And why wouldn’t she be…she looks GREAT!

    Sydney’s Mom said: “Sydney was thrilled…..and thanks to Dr. Croft, Sydney’s costume was even more authentic with the headgear. So much fun! I have to say this was probably Sydney’s best Halloween ever!

    Who said braces & headgear can’t be COOL!?