• A Few Reminders For Your Braces This Fall!

  • reminders for your braces this fall

    Happy Autumn from your Vancouver orthodontist team! Now that fall has arrived, it’s a great opportunity to re-establish your oral hygiene and health regimens. Fall typically means a busy schedule and temperature drop. Don’t let the extra activity allow you to become complacent in your health routines. Your body depends on several things to run smoothly, and here are a few gentle reminders for your braces this fall to stay on top of your oral and overall health.

    Remember to Brush

    Your Vancouver orthodontist team wishes that you had a fantastic summer, full of trips to the lake, forest, and Mount Rainier. Snacks are vital for these trips to keep you energized and full of the nutrients your body needs to stay active. Remember to brush, even if you’re away from the comfort of your own home, as cavities are just as active as you are! Add a travel toothbrush and floss to your go-bag, so you’re prepared no matter where the adventure takes you. It only takes a couple of minutes to brush your teeth. Your orthodontist Vancouver may have a spare toothbrush for you to pick up during your next tightening appointment or you can pick up a style that matches your outdoor gear at a local market. Remember to brush and floss on the road–it will keep your braces Vancouver clear of food particles and your smile happy.


    Remember that our bodies are made almost entirely of water, just like the planet. Water is essential for every process our bodies go through, and staying hydrated is key to function properly. As soon as it enters our body, it helps clear stuck food particles from your teeth, brackets, and wires. It helps you sense hunger correctly. Have you ever noticed that when you feel hungry and take a sip of water, the hunger dissipates? Your body was actually asking you for water. Hydration maintains your saliva levels, which is essential for proper digestion. Dehydration, however, allows plaque to form on teeth and can lead to gum disease. Choosing alcohol over water can dehydrate you further, by preventing your kidneys from absorbing the water you drink. Wine, beer, and mixed drinks have extra sugar that can further add to plaque. Your smile will thank you for choosing water. You don’t need to be active or sweating for your body to benefit from replenishing its water. If you like, let the rain remind you to drink water. 

    Stay Safe

    Brushing, flossing, and water will take care of many of your oral and bodily needs. As the weather changes, it’s important to be mindful of where we step and the safety precautions we take. Appropriate shoes, helmets, padding, or mouthguards may be needed for outdoor activities. It’s important to protect your head and mouth in case of a fall… especially with braces Vancouver. Your orthodontist Vancouver team understands that accidents can happen. A few moments to gear up and protect your mouth and braces can make a huge difference between a fall and an emergency orthodontist call.

    A busy activity schedule is no excuse to let your health and safety fall by the wayside. Dedicate yourself to caring for your body, mind, and spirit. This starts with proper nutrition, hydration, hygiene, and mindfulness. While temperatures drop, you can keep your spirits high by taking great care of yourself. You’ll be more prepared to overcome any obstacle that appears in your path if your body has everything it needs. Our Facebook page can keep you in the loop with other reminders for your braces this fall until your next braces Vancouver appointment.