• Valentine’s Day:  Caring for Your Braces

  • Braces - Healthy Food OptionsWith all the sweets that have become a part of the Valentine’s Day tradition, Vancouver orthodontist Dr. Croft and his team have a few suggestions to any of you who wear braces.  We know sweets can be tempting and difficult to resist, but your oral health and beautiful smile is our goal.  Therefore, let’s take a look at how to best celebrate this day of love.

    Cookies, Candies, and Nuts:  A no-no

    Many Valentine treats come in the way of hard candies and gummy candy.  Yet, these items can break off your brackets and get stuck between your wires.  Cookies can be problematic as well if they are not soft.  People who wear braces should avoid hard foods and candies that will stick to dental devices.  While we naturally wish you avoid any cavity-causing sugar, we know this is a tall order.  Instead, look to soft chocolates, preferably dark chocolate, to quench that sweet tooth.  Better yet, fruit smoothies and frozen yogurts are much healthier options for your body and teeth.

    Braces Care and Cleaning

    The downside to wearing braces is often the food that gets stuck in them when you eat.  The good news is that your braces won’t be on forever.  By caring for your teeth and visiting our Vancouver orthodontist office regularly, you’ll have a beautiful smile once the braces are removed.  Brush and floss as directed by our team, taking extra time to ensure all food has been removed from your brackets and teeth.

    If You Must…

    If you must have a treat, believe us, we know the temptation.  Have your sweets directly following a meal.  The saliva that your mouth is already producing to break down your food will help remove sugars from your teeth.  Once you’ve had your fill, simply brush your teeth as you normally would.  If your toothbrush isn’t nearby, swish with room temperature water to clean your mouth as best you can.

    Dental Picks and Flossers

    Our Vancouver orthodontist patients have mentioned that one of the most helpful tools when they are on the go are dental picks.  If you can’t access a water flosser, these little picks are easy to put in a pocket or purse.  A toothpick even works in a pinch.  The goal is to remove food that is stuck between your brackets.  This eliminates embarrassing smiles and prevents bacteria-forming cavities.


    Caring for your braces takes a bit of time getting used to, but the end result is well worth the extra effort.  Visit our office or Facebook page for tips on caring for your braces, and feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.  Do your best to make healthy Valentine treat choices and your teeth and braces will thank you.