• Your Vancouver Orthodontist Explains What to Expect for Life After Braces

  • Is your time in braces about to come an end? Can you believe how fast the time has passed? You probably thought you would never get out of braces, but believe it or not, the end is finally here. So now that your teeth are straight and you have that great smile what’s next?

    When you visit your Vancouver WA orthodontist to get your braces removed, Dr. Croft will actually have them off much quicker than you probably think. First, Dr. Croft will clip the curve near the back of your braces with a special tool. This will break the seal of the glue that creates the bond between your teeth and the brackets.

    Each bracket should pop right off your teeth leaving only some bonding plastic remaining. With a quick polish the plastic is removed and smoothed out and you are now officially free from braces.

    However, your treatment is still not over. In order to keep your teeth in their new position you will have to wear a retainer or retainers. Although it might not be particularly convenient, wearing your retainer as directed by your Vancouver orthodontist, will ensure that your teeth stay where they belong and that you will maintain that beautiful smile.

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