• Care For Your Toothbrush to Care For Your Teeth – Tips From your Battle Ground Orthodontist

  • There is nothing more important to fighting against dental decay than your toothbrush.

    • To keep your toothbrush clean and yourself healthy, make sure you let the bristles dry out between uses. Allowing the brush to stay wet all the time, makes it a breeding grounds for germs, fungus, and bacteria. Though these germs aren’t shown to cause any particular dental problem, a common sense approach is to let the brush dry out since microbes can’t live without moisture.
    • After using your toothbrush, shake it vigorously under tap water. Give it a thorough rinse to remove debris.
    • If you have a systemic illness or immune disorder, you may want to rinse the brush in antibacterial mouthwash.
    • Keep your family’s toothbrushes from touching when you are storing them. This will help prevent colds and flu viruses from passing around the family.
    • After about three months, bristles in a tooth brush break down and lose their effectiveness. Consider replacing your toothbrush at least every 90 days or so.
    • After you’ve had a cold, the flu, a mouth infection, or a sore throat, swap out your toothbrush. Germs can hide in toothbrush bristles and lead to reinfection.
    • Treat electric or power models the same way you handle an old-fashioned one. Chuck the brush attachment after an illness or when the bristles begin to show signs of wear.

    For any concerns about your toothbrush, you braces, your dental hygiene or any other concerns, call your Battle Ground Orthodontist.