• Spring Break May Be the Time to See an Orthodontist

  • Time to see an orthodontic

    Spring break might be the time to stop playing for an hour and have your teeth checked.

    is may be a perfect time to get in to see Dr. Croft.

    If you presently have braces, the scheduling may be a lot easier without school considerations. So you might want to plan an appointment.

    If you have thought about braces for a child, this may be the perfect time to come in. Without having to work around school, you will feel less rushed and can really communicate with Dr. Croft about what options would work best.

    There are several suggestions he might make. Maybe your child isn’t ready for braces. Maybe there is some prep work which needs to be done before braces. Maybe right now is the perfect time table.

    No two people are exactly alike. Everyone’s treatment will be slightly different. At Columbia Orthodontics, we want to get a good understanding of what is right for you. We also want to make sure you have a good understanding of every option.

    As spring break is just barely a month away, this might be the perfect time to make a call to Columbia Orthodontics.

    If you have been thinking about improving your smile, now is the time to give us a call at Columbia Orthodontics. We have three convenient locations. Call today. We welcome children, teens, and adults alike. Call us today for an appointment! 360-883-3800.