• Invest in More than Your Child’s Smile, Invest in Them

  • Improve Child's Smile

    Your child’s junior high and high school experiences are notorious for being hard on their self-confidence.

    Some things teenagers have to deal with just don’t change over the decades.  There is the need for acceptance, the increase in hormones, and changes in the body. All of these things are part of the package of growing up.

    But there are things which are unique to the teens of today. These things cause pressures unheard of in previous generations. The social media aspect of their lives takes regular teen issues to a whole new level.

    Of course, this isn’t exactly breaking news for you, but even so, a lot of teens are saying that adults don’t fully understand. If you as a parent can’t understand, then it is very difficult to help.

    Parents have to recognize there will probably always be things teens don’t share with them. Discipline is important, but also understanding the reasons why a behavior is present can be crucial. This understanding is difficult because teenagers tend to mask many of their emotions.

    The disconnect between parents and teens may be fueled and exacerbated by how this generation communicates. Social media binds teens to their peers in a very firm grasp. This often means that teens today are subject to the pressures of maintaining and image online as well as in-person.

    Whatever your child does can now be easily documented and posted online for everyone to see.  Often, they don’t dare act the way they want to act because they’re afraid they’ll be judged by a large group of people.

    This pressure can create a hesitation to leave the comfort of home. Some teens would sooner stay inside, texting, tweeting, and adding to Facebook, instead of actually leaving the house.

    This desire for isolation stems from the understanding that nothing your teen does is ever private. All of those previous private moments are now public.

    Just understanding this about your children may explain some behavior. Spend time with your children. Let them know that they can trust your time with them is private and precious.

    We believe it’s important to invest in your child’s smile. We feel it is even more important to invest in your child’s emotional development.

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