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  • Time to Think About Taking Care of Your Mom

  • mom-1330988_960_720You have less than two weeks before Mother’s Day is here and it’s time to start thinking about a quality gift for your mom.

    Moms are incredibly busy and all to often, they try to cram a million things into one day.

    With all the effort and time spent raising children, moms may often put their own health needs aside and delay things like regular checkups with the doctor and dentist.  If your mother or the mother of your children is always on the go, maybe you can help her find a way to maintain her own health.

    Consider giving her a day off so she can  make an appointment for her own health care, or simply find some time for herself.

    Another great way to focus on oral health, is to make sure that you spend at least two full minutes brushing your teeth.  To add a bit of fun to this boring task, consider downloading the BrushDJ app.

    The app motivates users to brush for two minutes while listening to songs taken at random from their device, or from a playlist of favorite tunes. Downloaded in 171 countries, the app has evolved to include animated videos showing how to use floss, interdental brushes and a manual toothbrush.

    It can even help remind mom when it’s time to switch to a new toothbrush, or schedule a dental checkup!

    At Columbia Orthodontics, we strongly encourage even the busiest of moms to take time for themselves and schedule regular well women visits and dental checkups.