• Avoid Problems By Keeping Teeth Clean – Tips from Your Vancouver WA Orthodontist

  • Today, Dr. Croft and our team thought it would be a good idea to offer a few tips for our patients currently undergoing orthodontic treatment. For those of you wearing braces, it’s important to be even more dedicated to good oral hygiene than those not currently in treatment. 

    I’m sure this statement is not a surprise to you because we talk about your oral hygiene all the time.

    Holiday treats are gone. Time to renew efforts to care for your teeth.

    Holiday treats are gone. Time to renew efforts to care for your teeth.

    The holiday season is over and treats are probably pretty well gone from the kitchen countertops. 

    After getting your braces, we want to make sure that you know how to take care of your teeth. This ensures your braces stay intact and do their job. We want your teeth to be in top-notch condition after you complete your orthodontic treatment. This is very important to us.

    Braces trap food and this trapped food contributes to plaque formation. If foreign matter is not carefully removed from the teeth and gums, plaque will develop. This plague turns into decay or gum disease. Either one of those problems will lead to costly delays during your treatment.

    Anytime you are in our office, we are eager to answer questions concerning good oral hygiene.

    Hopefully, you had a great Christmas holiday and are ready for a great 2016. Make sure your teeth are cleaned of any of those holiday treats.  Contact your Vancouver WA orthodontist today.