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  • Black History Month–Time to See Us All As the “Human Race”

  • Today marks the beginning of Black History Month.  During these are the weeks, we focus on the historical contributions of people of African descent.  Here are some great references to understanding the importance of Black History month.

    These siblings raised together recognize the need for Black History Month. Their mother talks about their experience in the book, “Motherhood in Black and White.”

    In the book, Motherhood in Black and White, the author, ViAnn Prestwich, discusses the joys, laughs and concerns which come from raising black and white children in the same home. She understands the need to help her black children appreciate their biologically ancestry. There is a need for her children, raised with a white father, to have role models which look more like them.

    The book is available here.

    This author is not the only one who sees a need to celebrate and connect with the contributions of African Americans. Much of black history has been hidden or unreported. Black History Month is an opportunity to correct many of the misrepresentations, misunderstandings and fallacies of African American culture.

    Jemar Tisbyco-founder of the Reformed African American Networksays, “Black History month promotes opportunities for open dialogue and personal interactions between many cultures. These conversations and interactions can lead to a better understanding and appreciation for what experiences and daily dilemmas each of us goes through as we all try to make contributions to our families and our larger society.

    “Eventually, Black History Month will be recognized as one of the first real frontal attacks of this social construct known as “race.” Perhaps then people will come to understand that there is only one race in this world and that is the human race.”

    What a great day that will be, when we all just see each other as the “human race.”