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  • You’ll Be Glad You’ve Had Braces, Call Columbia Orthodontics

  • Braces can be painful, but most teens that we talk with at Columbia Orthodontics are most interested in how the braces are going to look.

    This is especially important to those teens who love being social. Your braces will show up in your photos, and you will not be able to take braces-free photos for several months, or even years. The time will pass and you will not regret the time spent bettering your smile.

    girl-410334_640Lots of People Get Braces

    There are many reasons for getting braces:

    • Correct an overbite or underbite
    • Straighten teeth
    • Fix poorly-spaced teeth

    With so many possible ways to get braces, it’s no surprise that they are so common.

    Benefits of Braces

    Wearing braces can make your life a lot better in the future. Your teeth will be more attractive and your smile will shine through in photos of you. Straight teeth are not just about looks, they can prevent a variety of health problems, such as caries, gum disease, speech impairments, and trouble chewing. Be patient, and the benefits of braces will come.

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