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  • Smile For That Holiday Family Photo

  • Braces don't detract from a family photo. Smile.

    Braces don’t detract from a family photo. Smile.

    The Holidays are coming and there may be a lot of family and friends around. This often means a few formal pictures, a few candid shots by mom and grandma, as well as a whole lot of selfies.

    While it’s normal to feel self-conscious, there is no reason to avoid photos just because you wear braces. Many people wear braces and you do not need to be embarrassed about them. There are also ways you can enjoy your photos without hiding your smile. Choose colorful bands for the holiday season.

    You might want to avoid using dark green bands, however. Those selfies might look like you have broccoli stuck in your teeth. Gross!

    If your braces still really bother you in photos, technology can quickly solve the problem. A photo-editing program, or even a simple paint program, can easily erase your braces. Zoom in on your teeth, pick your natural tooth color with the dropper, and paint your braces away.

    If you have a lot of metal in your braces, try to avoid close-ups with flash, which can reflect off the metal.

    Enjoy the season and don’t let braces get in the way. SMILE.

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