• Do You Play Sports? Play in the Band? Protect Your Braces.

  • A couple blogs ago, we discussed good habits for our patients who wear braces to school. We want to add a couple more suggestions.

    • Some of you are getting into such a hurry that you are forgetting to change your rubber bands. Sometimes you are also forgetting to bring a supply of them with you to school. Consider bringing some in one day and keeping them in your desk, your backpack, or your locker.
    • Some of you are starting to play a sport. Please. Please. Please, be sure to protect your braces and your teeth during practice as well as during the actual events.  Contact Dr. Croft to ask about the perfect sportsguard you should be using.
    • cornet-593661_640

      If you play an instrument, you may want to talk to Dr. Croft about your braces.

      Do you play a musical instrument?–Dr. Croft would also like to discuss with you what type of plastic guard you can use to slip over the wires and brackets. These are good to protect your lips from cuts caused by playing an instrument.

    For any other questions you have, please, come in and speak with us.

    We can help you with all of those questions and concerns, so come in and see us at one of our three southwest Washington locations, or give us a call at 360-883-3800.

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