• Enjoy Your Memorial Day & Remember Who Made It Possible

  • flag-647617_640If the proverbial alien arrived on earth on the last weekend of May, he could easily come to the conclusion that Memorial Day is the one weekend a year to   “ENJOY HUGE SAVINGS ON ELECTRONICS AND HOME FURNISHINGS!’

    The word “SALE” is so often used in connection with Memorial Day.

    During the Christmas season, some groups complain that the true meaning of Christmas has disappeared. Others refuse to even wish others Merry Christmas, instead they say “Happy Holidays.”

    Easter has also morphed into bunnies and eggs, rather than a resurrection of Christ. But unlike those examples, remembering our fallen soldiers doesn’t require you to be Christian or Jew or Muslim. Just American.

    To recognize those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, you don’t have to be a Republican or a Democrat. You can be a liberal or a conservative. You might support the war, or be radically opposed. None of this matters when we recognize the sacrifice which has been made on our behalf. On Memorial Day we should remember what the holiday is all about, (Hint—there is no Sale in the meaning.)

    There are a lot of days to have debates about the present and past wars. But this Memorial Day, let’s salute those who chose to serve, they chose to follow orders and they made the ultimate sacrifice.

    Columbia Orthodontics is grateful for the sacrifices made to insure our rights as an American to worship and believe as we choose.