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  • Overall heath is better when your oral health is good.

    Overall heath is better when your oral health is good.

    In the last few years, there have been some established links between orthodontic treatments and whole body health.

    According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, there is significant connection between people with gum disease and heart disease. There is also a connection between poor dental health and the difficulty of controlling blood sugar.

    Researchers will continue to find associations between oral health and the overall health of the body. There are, of course, other reasons for poor health. But we do know is that good oral health isn’t just about maintaining a healthy smile; it has an impact on the health of your entire body.

    There are too many links between the health of your mouth and the health of your body to ignore. There doesn’t seem to be a coincidence that health problems occur when gum disease occur.


    • Excessive oral inflammation has been linked to a greater incidence of clogged arteries.
    • Certain types of oral bacteria can infect the arterial cells and weaken the wall of the heart.
    • Loose teeth are often believed to be a warming sign for osteoporosis, a disease that causes the bones to become less dense.
    • Some studies suggest women with gum disease are more likely than those without gum disease to deliver preterm, low-weight babies.

    So why are we discussing gum disease in an orthodontics blog. We are discussing this because braces do a lot more than give you a great looking smile. Straight teeth are easier to keep clean than crooked teeth. When your teeth are straight, your toothbrush is able to remove more plaque-causing bacteria and your flossing is more effective.

    Despite the lack of hard evidence in the oral health connection to overall health, there is definitely an important take away. If you improve your oral health, you will have a greater chance of maintaining the health of your entire body.

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