• Mouth Guards Are Important for The Health of Your Teeth

  • mouth guardMouth guards are not really a major investment when compared to braces and other health apparatuses.  That is why you should not be hesitant to replace your child’s mouth guard—especially if your child has braces. These braces need extra protection.

    Talk with Dr. Croft at Columbia Orthodontics about the best type of mouth guard. Once you have a quality mouth guard, it is important to keep it clean.

    A clean mouth guard will last longer and be far more pleasant to use.

    Here are the steps we recommend for cleaning your mouth guards after each use.

    • Rinse with warm water

    Fill a small bowl with a cup of warm water and a drop or two of dish soap

    Dip your guard in soapy water and gently brush with a toothbrush

    Rinse with warm water.

    Let air dry.

    • Store y0ur mouth guard in a hard plastic container with a lid.
    • Replace the guard every year.

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