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  • May Is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

  • The weather is great so consider taking advantage of these lovely days to get outside and exercise. What better time to add exercise to your daily routine!  Especially since the month of May also happens to be National Fitness and Sports Month.

    Take a friend, family member, or a coworker with you as you go for a brisk walk during lunch or take a bike ride before supper.

    Take a walk for the National Fitness and sports Month of May.

    Take a walk for the National Fitness and sports Month of May.

    Adults, teenagers, and children are spending longer and longer hours at their desks in school, on a computer, or watching television. This is unfortunately resulting in obesity and poor health.

    Consider the benefits regular exercise:

    • Opportunity to socialize
    • Improve stamina and energy
    • Tone muscles
    • Add strength and density to bones
    • Improve circulation with a healthier heart
    • Improve breathing with healthier lungs
    • Reduced risk for Type 2 diabetes
    • Reduced risk for many types of cancer.
    • For older adults exercise improves balance and reduces the risk of falls
    • For older adults exercise also improves cognitive abilities.

    Skip the membership and start with a walk through the neighborhood or a bike ride with the kids.  Instead of sitting on the couch while you watch your favorite program, you can do a few sit-ups, leg-lifts, or jumping jacks.

    Enjoy the spring weather.