• Keep Your Treatment on Schedule

  • You'll stay on schedule to have beautiful teeth just by taking a little extra care.

    You’ll stay on schedule to have beautiful teeth just by taking a little extra care.

    Often our patients come in to Columbia Orthodontics and want to know how they can make certain their treatment will not be delayed. So we want to give some suggestions as what you can do in between adjustments to keep you on schedule.

    • The first thing we want you to do is don’t miss any of your adjustment appointments. Each visit with Dr. Croft is carefully planned to move your teeth a specific way in a certain time frame. It’s important to note that missing an appointment can add weeks or months to your treatment time.
    • Always contact our office if you have any problems with your braces or appliances. If a wire is missing, or if there is a broken bracket you need to call us. Don’t wait until you next visit.
    • During your appointment, you will be told how to wear you rubber bands. To stay on schedule wear your rubber bands as prescribed. Not wearing the bands or elastics, or not wearing them enough, can slow down your treatment time. Rubber bands are critical in aligning your bite and are important for the bite-fixing phase of your treatment.
    • It is also very important that you maintain oral hygiene. You will need to flow regularly and brush your teeth at least a couple times a day.

    If you have any questions about any of these tips, or if you have any general questions about your treatment, please give us a call

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