• Dr. Croft Has the Experience to Make The Right Decisions for Your Teeth

  • When Dr. Croft sticks the orthodontic bracket to your teeth, the glue holds.  That is because this is a special type of glue.

    Before the 1970s brackets were applied to the teeth by using bands. They were welded to a very thin steel ring that wrapped all the way around the tooth.

    Within a decade, a technique was developed that made it easier and more comfortable to put on braces.   This was called bonding.

    To get a solid bond, orthodontist often etch the tooth by apply a substance to the enamel right where the bracket will be placed. The surface becomes porous. The adhesive is called resin. Resin is also applied to the base of the bracket which is usually a wire mesh and the bracket is placed on the tooth.

    The roughness of the enamel is the reason this bond is strong.

    Now there is a more recent type of adhesive. This is a glass ionomer which is a true chemical bond. The molecules of the adhesive are charged and are attracted to the molecules of the tooth enamel.

    The choice of bonding agents is up to the orthodontist and what he or she feels is best.

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