• Choose Your Favorite Color For Your Bands

  • running-573762_640We knew a girl who was kind of a super star on the track. She was a runner and loved her sport. Interestingly enough she loved her fingernails almost as much. So every week she would paint her fingernails the color of the team she was going to be competing against. She said it helped her picture her competition. Some weeks she had more than one track meet so her nails would e several colors.

    When she came she was very particular about the color of her rubber bands on her braces. You know that orthodontists place elastic bands, or ligatures, over each bracket to secure the archwire in place. These rubber bands may be individual or connected, depending on your mouth’s needs. You have the option of choosing the color of your elastics, which are changed about once every month at every visit. Our offices keep a color wheel handy to help you choose which ones suit you best!

    This runner would bring her track schedule in to match her mouth to her fingernails.

    Most of our patients are quit that organized, but everyone has color combinations her or she likes and often our patients will want to match the color to a special event.

    braces colorsYou can have alternating colors or place an entire rainbow over your teeth. Here are a few options to consider:

    • School spirit colors
    • Favorite sports team colors
    • Patriotic colors
    • Holiday themes

    Some patients choose only one color to match their mood, personality, or favorite outfits. The palette of choices allows you to make bold statements with your braces or go for subtler tones that blend in with the metal structures. Keep in mind that bright colors make your teeth look whiter, while lighter shades, such as yellow and white, may cause your teeth to appear less bright.

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