• Merry Christmas From Columbia Orthodontics

  • It’s the Christmas season. There is so much you need to get done. Our list includes, but is not limited to, the following:

    • Cooking extra food
    • Eat extra food.
    • Find mistletoe
    • Get a kiss under the mistletoe
    • Take a child to see Santa
    • So much to do at Christmas.

      So much to do at Christmas.

      Find a Christmas tree

    • Find a stand that fits the Christmas tree
    • Decorate a Christmas tree
    • Bake cookies
    • Watch sappy movie on the Hallmark channel
    • Take family holiday photos
    • Roast chestnuts
    • Take a Christmas light tour
    • Buy presents
    • Wrap presents
    • Put out cookies and milk for Santa


    nativity-447767_640Sometimes we try to put some much into our day that we put three things on the list:

    • Get up
    • Survive
    • Go back to bed

    In all our hurrying, don’t forget the reason for this celebrate is to recognize the birth of Jesus Christ.