• Early Orthodontic Treatment Creates Healthy Kids

  • tooth-366335_640Just because a child’s dentist suggests that the child visit an orthodontist does not mean a child will get braces right away.

    A dentist may notice problems during a regular visit and recommend that you see an orthodontists. Some orthodontists recommend checking with a specialist once a child’s permanent teeth start coming in. This is the age where uneven bite and overcrowding will become apparent.

    Just because you start the process early certainly doesn’t mean that a child should even be fitted for braces immediately. It only means that there is more time to consider problems and decide the best time to start treatment.

    No one would ever suggest that proper treatment is not a commitment of time and finances. But as you are committing that time and finances remember that straight teeth are more than just attractive—they can help keep your child’s mouth healthy for a lifetime.

    At Columbia Orthodontics we try very hard to make your time with us as pleasant as possible, and we are committed to the health of your child.

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