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  • What causes crooked teeth?

    There are several reasons for teeth to erupt crooked. These reasons range from genetics to mouth deformities and serious oral diseases. When extra teeth or abnormally large teeth create a malocclusion this is normally genetic. Other inherited traits involve jaws that are too small to accommodate a full set of teeth.

    Can these crooked teeth be prevented?

    Like most underbites the underbite on this  Brussels Griffon is genetic. Yours could be corrected. His doesn't need to be.

    Like most underbites, the underbite on this Brussels Griffon is genetic.

    Underbites, overbites and crooked teeth that are genetic can’t be avoided.

    There are, however, some early childhood behaviors which might contribute to problems later on. These behaviors include:

    • Allowing pacifier use to continue after front teeth have erupted.
    • If the baby teeth decay before permanent teeth have naturally pushed them out of their sockets.
    • Excessive and long-term thumb sucking.

    Parents need to remember that unhealthy baby teeth can affect the health of permanent teeth. Permanent teeth tend to shift when the baby teeth are lost due to decay or trauma.

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