• Dr. Croft- What You Don’t Know

  • dr-croft-and-wifeSure you see Dr. Croft in the office each time you come in for an appointment, and he may ask you about how school or work is going, or about any sports or other activities you’re involved in, but how much do you know about him?

    Today we’ll take a quick look into Dr. Croft’s life outside the office, and hopefully you’ll come away feeling even closer to the man that often has his hands in your mouth.

    croft-familyThe Croft Family

    • Dr. Croft’s first name is Robert
    • His wife’s name is Erin
    • He has been married over 20 years
    • He has three children
    • Their names are Tyler, Lauren, and Anna


    • dr-croft-fishingFishing
    • Skiing
    • “Trying” to play golf
    • Watching the Portland Trailblazers

    So next time you see Dr. Croft, if you want to make him happy, ask him about his Portland Trailblazers, and check up on how his golf game is going.  You’re sure to get a big smile out of him!