• Back to School Tips- Orthodontist Vancouver WA

  • Got Braces?  Remember These Things.

    If your not-so-little one is heading back to school and has braces for the first time, there a few things they may need to be reminded of.

    Make sure they remember to pack their:

    • Toothbrush and toothpaste–  Kids take for granted the fact that, during the summer months, their toothbrush and toothpaste are just a few steps away in the bathroom.  Remind them to bring these so that they can freshen up their smile after eating, and don’t get self conscious about having food in their teeth.
    • Floss- The same goes for floss.  Keeping this in their backpack can keep them from those awkward moments when something gets stuck in their braces.
    • Compact Mirror- Keeping a small mirror in their backpack will help them feel confident that their smile is clear after meals as well.
    • Wax- New braces wearers can experience a lot of irritation and pain on the inside of their mouth.  Keeping wax with them may help keep the irritation to a minimum.
    • Mouth Guard- Is your student playing sports this fall?  If so, they likely need a mouth guard.  Make sure they bring it with them.

    Whether you live in Vancouver, Battle Ground, or any of the surrounding areas, your braces wearing students need to make sure they’re prepared to take care of their teeth at school this year.

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