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  • Orthodontist Vancouver WA – Could Surgical Orthodontics Be Right For You?

  • When most people think of orthodontics, they think of braces. Surely braces are the most common aspects of orthodontics, but there are also many other types of treatments to help people get straighter teeth, a healthier mouth and a better smile.

    Although braces alone can be used for most patients to achieve the perfect smile, sometimes, a patient’s jaw is so out of alignment that he or she needs some additional corrective help. That’s where surgical orthodontics comes into play. Essentially, surgical orthodontics is used to straighten your jaw.

    By having surgery a person can more easily speak, breathe and chew, which can make life much more enjoyable. When a patient needs surgery to correct his or her jaw, he or she will also wear braces in conjunction with the surgery. In fact, on average, our patients wear braces between six and 18 months before surgery.

    During this process it’s possible that your bite will look even worse, but as soon as the jaw surgery takes place and everything is put in alignment your teeth will actually end up in the right position.

    If you have mouth and/or jaw problems, then you should come in and see us at Columbia Orthodontics and get an evaluation from Dr. Croft an experienced orthodontist in Vancouver WA. Just call us today at 360-883-3800. Click here to learn more about surgical orthodontics.