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  • Orthodontics Vancouver WA – Time for Ortho 101

  • If you’re considering braces or any other orthodontics treatment in Vancouver WA, then most likely you have questions. There are many resources to answer these questions, including family members who have already had braces. However, if you want the right answers to some basic questions about braces, then head to to get some more info.
    Questions Answered
    When you first meet with Dr. Croft, he can answer the many different questions you have regarding orthodontics, including braces. As a general rule, the best time for a first visit is by the time a child turns seven-years-old. This will give Dr. Croft the opportunity early on to determine what kind of treatment, if any, your child needs.
    We Can Treat Many Problems
    Getting any orthodontics treatment involves many aspects and the following are just a few things that we can help you with at Columbia Orthodontics.
    ·      Help regulate both of your arches
    ·      Increase the spacing for your adult teeth
    ·      Correct the negative affects of thumb sucking
    ·      Help correct speech problems or swallowing troubles
    ·      Help prevent the need for extracting teeth
    Contact Us
    If you need more questions answered about braces, or other orthodontic treatments, then contact Columbia Orthodontics in Vancouver WA. Click here to learn more.