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  • Braces Fix Many Different Alignment Problems- Just Ask an Orthodontist in Vancouver WA

  • Not everyone is lucky enough to have perfectly aligned teeth. Fortunately, thanks to corrective treatments like braces, even someone with very crooked teeth can still get a beautiful smile. Although no one really hopes to wear braces, the fact is they have helped many people and they can help you, too.
    In fact, braces can be used to correct even some of the worst alignment problems people experience. Perhaps you’ve wondered if your teeth were even beyond fixing. Braces, however can fix just about any alignment problem. These are just some of the different types of common problems braces can treat:
    • ·         Top and bottom front teeth don’t touch, known as an open bite
    • ·         Crowded teeth all jammed into a small space
    • ·         Under bite where the lower front teeth sit in front of upper front teeth
    • ·         Too much space in between teeth
    • ·         Upper front teeth protrude way out in front of lower teeth, known as an overbite
    These are just a few of the problems we have treated at Columbia Orthodontics. If you have a similar problem or maybe even something completely different, give us a call and see how we can help you. Dr. Croft and his experienced and talented staff can help start the process of getting you straighter and healthier teeth.