• Braces Battle Ground WA – Washington Forking Out Millions for Kids to Get Braces

  • At Columbia Orthodontics, we believe that everyone, child or adult that needs braces should be able to get braces. We also understand that not everyone can afford braces. At Columbia Orthodontics we do everything we can to work with our patients in order to help them be eligible to receive the care they need.

    Recently we found an interesting article regarding the state of Washington and kids receiving braces. You can see the article by clicking here. According to recent reports, the state of Washington spent more than $880,000 for kids who needed braces in 2007. That amounted to more than 1,200 kids classified as “poor” getting braces courtesy of the state of Washington.

    Although it’s important that kids who are really in need of braces get the treatment they deserve, some lawmakers feel that with the number being so high there could be a misuse of funds occurring on a regular basis. It remains to be seen what the state will do, if anything about this concern.

    At Columbia Orthodontics, we feel strongly that everybody, especially children, should be able to get braces if they need them. That’s why we work with you to help make braces as affordable as possible. Contact us today if you need more info about braces in Battle Ground WA. Call us at 360-883-3800 or click here to contact us online.