• Hop in & GUESS!

  • Q:  Why shouldn’t you tell an Easter Egg a good joke?
    A:  Cuz it might crack up!
    Guess how many goodies are in the Easter jar and win a $10 Regal  Cinema card!  Saweet!
    Each office has a different amount.
    Stop by office closest to YOU (or call) to guess!
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    March Madness Mania ~ 2013!


    Back again!!! If you haven’t participated in our Dental Offices  March Madness contest  before, don’t miss out! It is a lot of fun and there is no cost to enter. Compete against other offices and find your own office champion.

     The contest is open to *ANY* dentist or 
    dental staff member 
    and if you win, your whole office is a winner. Only one entry per contestant, but make sure to get as many from your office to participate as possible. You need at least 3 entries to be eligible for the team prize. You could win the following:
              GRAND PRIZE = $100 & catered lunch for the office!
                2nd Prize = $50 & pizza for the office!
                3rd Prize = $25 & pizza for the office!
              TEAM PRIZE = Lunch catered for the office!
    1. Select the teams you anticipate will advance in the Men’s NCAA basketball tournament.  To enter online just go to www.pickhoops.com/ColumbiaOrtho, the password is “smile”, register your name and enter your selections. Remember we want to track which office you are from!!  When it asks you to enter your first name – include information to identify yourself (you can include the first initial of your last name if needed). Then, for your last name, enter the name of the office or dentist in parenthesis. Example:  FIRST NAME  RobertC LAST NAME  (Croft)
    You must enter your own brackets online. Call the office at 360-883-3800 if you have problems.
    2. Use any resources you need for your brackets. Get help from a friend or just let the computer make the picks for you by using the quickpick option.
    3. Scoring is described in detail at www.pickhoops.com/ColumbiaOrtho, just click on rules to read about the scoring. Points are awarded for each correct choice and bonus points are awarded for selecting upsets.
    4. The 3 highest scorers from an office will be entered in the team contest with the prize winner having the highest cumulative score.
    5. All entries must be received by 9:00 A.M. Thursday March 21st.
    6. Information about contest leaders is available at the website at anytime.
    ***Enter at ***
     ***      PASSWORD = smile     ***