• Amigos de las Americas

  • Dear Dr. Croft ,
    I recently got back from my 7 week project in Nicaragua. I spent my time in a very small and rural community with 2 girl partners. I had an incredible experience, and as I promised before I left, I wanted to write you again about my adventures. Our community project consisted of reconstructing a well (below) and putting cement cover on top of it because animals frequently fell in and died.

    My community also won an extra $100 for our project because we got 1st place in a 48 hour challenge where we collected, cleaned, dried and made a large mural only using trash that was found in our community! (below) With the money we bought paint and painted a mural on the inside of the church and school AND painted the outside of the building as well.

    (me, back row, center)
    I lived high up in the Nicaraguan mountains with a host family where I also had 2 younger host sisters.

    (my host family home)
    Everyday we ran camps for the kids in the school and had a new right that we focused on each week, like the right to a healthy environment. I had rice and beans every meal, every day for 7 weeks and made a fair share of tortillas!

    I can’t express my thanks to you for your support of my trip. It means so much to me that you helped me participate in the AMIGOS program. Thank you again for your support.