Your Vancouver WA Orthodontist Thinks You Should Love Your Smile

love your smile Regardless of your age, 6-years-old to 75-years-old, if you feel self conscious about your teeth, it is hard to enjoy so many of the social aspects of life.

Having crooked, unevenly spaced or misaligned teeth can interfere with your life at any age.

At Columbia Orthodontics, we can treat you, regardless of age. You shouldn’t feel inclined to cover your mouth when you laugh or look down when you smile.

Being confident in yourself makes you more inclined to think of the other person and pay attention to what they are saying.

If you are interested in having your teeth aligned, but you don’t want to get braces, then we can fit you with Invisalign.

You will probably even be surprised to discover many people won’t notice you are going through treatment.

Invisalign has smooth, comfortable aligners, there are no irritating brackets or wires to worry about and no food restrictions that will change your eating habits.

A Vancouver WA orthodontist would be happy to help you decide if this is a good fit for you. During the free consultation you will not be pressured into making a certain decision.

Give yourself a really great gift for the year 2016 and call (360) 883-3800.