Meet Dr. Croft!

Dr Robert Croft Despite coming from a family of orthodontists (my father and grandfather were both orthodontists) my early dreams centered more on becoming the next Michael Jordan or Perry Mason…

My athletic ability limited my NBA aspirations and over time I became more interested in a career in health care as opposed to trial law. Choosing dentistry over medicine and then over time choosing to specialize in orthodontics has been one of the great decisions of my life.

I have always loved playing games and am competitive to a fault. Orthodontics allows me to spend my days putting together beautiful puzzles. Placing that final piece of the orthodontic puzzle and getting a perfect smile is such a great feeling! It is such a privilege to be part of a day someone remembers forever when the braces come off. I love the relationships I am able to build with my patients and their families by providing the care we give. While much of the work I do is repetitive in nature, the individuals are all different and that helps make every day fun.

I have done extensive training to be prepared to provide the highest level of orthodontic care available. After completing my college degree at BYU, I attended dental school at the University of California, San Francisco. UCSF is very well known for its health care education as both the medical and dental school are consistently ranked in the top 10 nationally. After dental school I did a 27 month residency studying orthodontics at Baylor College of Dentistry.

I received a Masters degree and certificate of specialty in orthodontics allowing me to limit my practice so that I do orthodontics exclusively.

I have practiced in the Portland/Vancouver area since 1997 and have consistently attempted to improve the level of care we give as technology and advances in orthodontics develop.

Team 2020 I can say with confidence that the options we offer our patients are currently unmatched in any other office in Southwest Washington. I am proud to be setting the standard for orthodontic care in our area. Everything we have done is an effort to make sure that your experience at our office and especially the beautiful smile that results, is as perfect as possible.

When I’m not at the office I enjoy fishing and skiing and I hope someday I won’t embarrass myself at the golf course. I am an avid sports fan and love to watch, read or talk about the Trailblazers. I love my wife Erin and we have been married almost 20 years. She is active in supporting our 3 children’s school events and loves to read and play indoor soccer. My son Tyler is a cross-country runner at Skyview High School. Lauren is in middle school and loves anything that involves a ball. Anna, the youngest, is the social butterfly of the family and a great little soccer player.