• Adult Braces: Are You Considering Straighter Teeth?

  • Braces Vancouver orthodontistWe all wish we could go back to when we were children, at one point or another.  Perhaps you wish for the days when you didn’t have to groan, bending over to put on your shoes.  Maybe you think back to how active you once were and wonder why it’s so hard to lose weight now?  Being a kid was easy…adulting is a whole other subject.  Your oral health, for example, is just another item in a long list of changes that seems different and our Vancouver orthodontist is here to explain why.


    Are my teeth still moving?

    Whether you had braces when you were younger or not, it is possible your teeth are still moving.  Movement of adult teeth can occur for many reasons.  Tooth movement is natural but especially evident if your bite is off.  After living with an improper bite for years, your molars will push your teeth forward.  Over time, this will result in your front teeth getting pushed together; crowding and crooked teeth is the result.

    Missing teeth can also cause your teeth to move.  The teeth on each side and above or under the missing tooth move into the empty space.  Though this movement is difficult to notice right away, it will happen.  The side effects of a missing tooth are TMJ dysfunction and damage to surrounding teeth.

    One other reason you may experience teeth becoming more crooked is due to gum disease.  Our Vancouver orthodontist works with many area dentists in treating periodontal disease.  Gum disease causes teeth to loosen if left untreated.


    Will braces help?

    The great news for adults is that braces can help straighten your teeth.  In fact, at our Vancouver orthodontist office we love treating adults.  For one thing, adults are better at following directions pertaining to oral care.  An adult’s understanding of oral hygiene benefits is more mature and that maturity leads to more patience for treatment.  You’re also less likely to break brackets as your days of gummy bear binges and sticky sweets aren’t as frequent.

    Adults are also more invested in the outcome of braces.  You know that the end result is worth the effort.  While the oral treatment may take longer, it is still possible to have a great smile.  Adult teeth and bones move a bit slower than our younger Vancouver orthodontist patients, but they will still move.  With a little time and oral health dedication, you’ll have a wonderful, straight smile before you know it.


    Take the First Step towards Oral Health Improvement

    Calling our Vancouver orthodontist office is the first step in getting the smile you want.  After a brief consultation, we can discuss your options and timeline.  Follow us on Facebook to learn about our various services, or look to our website for additional information. Talk with our Vancouver orthodontist about braces.  It’s never too late to improve yourself or your smile.  If you are investing in your health with exercise and healthy food choices, why not invest in your smile as well?  Straight teeth aid in proper digestion so you gain maximum nutritional value from your foods and improve your mind by enhancing your confidence with a lovely smile.